"I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND" José Mourinho says he didn't agree with Southgate subbing Henderson & Walker

José Mourinho says he didn’t agree with Gareth Southgate subbing Jordan Henderson and Kyle Walker for Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho in the #EURO2020 final between England & Italy.

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  1. Alfando Savant - Responder

    Isn't it already a research on this topic? The most pressuring penalties are the 4th and 5th, younger players tend to miss, fatigued players also tend to miss, the most pressuring moment for a taker is when they walk from middle to the penalty spot, and it's almost 100% on the takers.

  2. Hezrienho Maximilliano - Responder

    I rarely see or maybe dont watch too many press con or video interviews of Mourinho but wow, i can see Mourinho is a humble person n and put aside ego and admit he is not that good in penalty shootout situations. Stil one of great managers in football world 👍🏻

  3. Batman - Responder

    That was a painful loss for Jose. Coentrao did the hothead slide tackle at the end of the first leg, which led to a 1-2 home result. Then they came back in the second, just to see his best two pen shooters give out easy saves. Casillias kept them long enough, but then Ramos's meme pen came in and the rest was history. Not saying Bayren did not deserve the win, just Real could also easily make that UCL breakthrough by then. Just a bit sad to see Jose not getting the credit for the following success of Real Madrid.

  4. Mac Maine - Responder

    Jordan Henderson and Walker a perfectly capable of scoring penalties. I don’t know why Southgate did that. Can’t believe he changed Jordan Henderson the captain of Liverpool 😓

  5. Kevin McLaughlin - Responder

    Southgate bottled it. He let the pressure get to him and tried to be too clever with the penalties. If you can't or don't want to get those players on the pitch earlier, then don't put them on at all for penalties, and in any case asking three of the youngest players to take them is nonsense. Asking Saka to take the fifth is ludicrous. Some say if you're good enough you're old enough, well no harm to Saka, but he's not a 19 year old Messi. Even Mbappe missed a pen in the tournament.

  6. steffan jones - Responder

    Mourinho brought on geremi specifically to take a pen in the semi final of champions league v Liverpool 2007 and he missed so he can’t say anything about Southgate doing it 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Bic narok - Responder

    Putting two players on 30 sec from the end, not giving them chance ti get used to the ball, field etc. Then take penalties, suicide.

  8. Ham AlA - Responder

    it's not the moment for backslash neither coaches nor players, with hot spring or cold waterfall !!!

    the moment mentioned for the bloom substitutions can be labelled as

    «Bravery Tactics vs Busvery Tactics»

    herein, some coaches wanted a penalty shootout battle, and not all coaches can turn the game into the Southgate.

    better understand the battle !!

  9. south of france - Responder

    @Fernando Montez
    mate you are right on every point but subbing your defenders when you before a corner kick is detrimental to any team

    Yeah yeah cry me a river indeed Southgate did what no other Manager has ever done in a long long time.
    England experience a drought for 55yrs just when you think u are going to finally taste water you get kicked AGAIN.
    My question Fernando do you think Southgate can do it again?
    I lost enough $$$ this time.
    Won't bet again.

  10. Alex Alex alex - Responder

    Truth be told, england lost the final the moment they scored the first goal.
    It was very obvious that the entire stadium was 100% sure they won the entire game. And the squad completely lost its “cool” before the game even began. Instead of playing to “win” they started playing “not to lose” and it cost them.
    Italy didn’t have a great game either but overall they were the more composed side, mentally as well.

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