THE NEXT DAY • Heartbreak Again • England's 55 year Wait Goes On • HAVE YOUR SAY!

England’s 55-year wait for a major trophy ended painful defeat in a penalty shootout as Italy claimed the Euro 2020 crown at Wembley.
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  1. Dragonmark909 - Responder

    If you have Grealish, Sancho (!), Rashford and Saka sitting on the bench for 80 minutes, while Sterling is underperforming the whole game, you deserve the loss. Definitely Southgate's fault.

  2. American Toff - Responder

    This is 100% on Southgate. The talent on the field is collectively the best in the world. Italy has played like a team, like a squad that was well coached. England played like individuals with no purpose, def not front foot football. Italy was front foot. That is down to the coaching staff 100%. Sad but I pray that the powers that be sack Southgate before the world cup or we are in for a huge disappointment again. We need a strong, attack minded coach. If we dont get another coach, we will waste this whole generation of great footballers. Southgate plays like a Spurs coach. He doesn't coach to win, they coach to not loose. Park the bus. Ugh….

    Also, why take Trip out? He was the best player out there. And why wait 99 minutes to bring in grealish? Why bring Saka in first? It was obvious we needed to bring in fast players that would push Italy back. Should have brought grealish and foden on at 60 minutes. Sterling was bad but was the only player that was fast. Italy didn't worry about us because we had no fast forwards. Terrible, terrible coaching. Terrible subs.

  3. djGreenALERT - Responder

    I don't blame the 3 black players who missed. I blame Southgate for making the changes to bring on the 1st two so late in the game they barely had a chance to get their eye in. As for Saka, the pressure was already made too severe by the first two misses, and he had played such a terrible game up to that point, it was inevitable.

  4. Tottenham Talks - Responder

    Have to say i thought Southgate got it wrong, Saka was having a bad game and thought he should of been taken off, he was really struggling and needed to be protected instead of taking the 5th pen, way too much pressure, I also don't buy into the idea a shootout is a lottery, it's a skill, Sancho and Saka took terrible pens and that ultimately cost us! A fantastic tournament all in all and we should all be proud of Southgate and the whole team!

  5. Laura Adeline - Responder

    This is my thought: as I positioned myself on Southgate's. He wants HIS PLAYERS to feel like THEY'VE CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING for the team. Sancho & Rashford hasn't played much this whole tournament and Southgate didn't want them to FEEL LEFT OUT. SO BY HAVING THE PENS he hopes that THEY HAVE CONTRIBUTED SOMETHING FOR THE TEAM.

    That's my thought though. But yeah, it should've been the more experienced lad like Tripps (he have a good pen on WC) or Sterling or even Shaw. So guess what the main lesson to be learn is to SET ASIDE YOUR FEELINGS TO CERTAIN YOUNG INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS AND MAKE THE BEST FOR THE TEAM, even if those young players felt left out for the entire whole tournament.

    Props to Southgate anyway, he wants every of his players to feel special. But unfortunately his vision and kindness just doesn't work this time.

  6. Chris Raso - Responder

    Get over the fouls and the "Dark arts" Italy used 😂😂😂😂 Serie A players dominated premier league players all competition and the Premier league is meant to be the most rough and competitive league so if anything prem players underperformed. Worst excuse ever, watch any premier league game and look at the defenders fouls that happen all the time, that's a yellow card and nothing more ever.
    At the end of the day you guys thought before the tournament that your attack was incredible, and your defense was shit, turned out to be the other way around and it killed you. You barely deserved to make the final so don't talk nonsense about "luck"
    Love Tottenham, but you England fans are trash.

  7. Chris Raso - Responder

    This just gets dumber and dumber the more I watch. Sterling should have had a penalty 😂😂 3 dives. Jorginhos foul is never a red card, he slid off the ball and accidentally touched Grealish who was aggressively sliding in for the ball it's just a 50/50 contest that Grealish won. And it's just baffling that you fools think the Chiellini challenge at the end of the game is a red game. Absolutely baffling. Stop making excuses you lost 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  8. Tori Max - Responder

    I am not an English man but was heartbroken with the final match. I respect the English squad and now I hope they win the World Cup. I will continue to cheer for this team with a bright future. I Love and Respect the team England and Sim and Ben you guys did a great job putting together the event. You guys made so many people happy and have fans all over the world. Respect. Cheers.

  9. cannedham86 - Responder

    A good two days after the game as the dust has settled a little more. It was tough to take especially after penalties, however the way I look at it is we've won 5 knockout games in these last two tournaments, before the last world cup we had only won two knockout games in 20 years. I don't know if we'll win anything under Southgate, but think he is building something special, maybe not him but someone else will take us one step further.

  10. Cleon Hills - Responder

    All I can say is that ENGLAND DID NOT DESERVE TO WIN ANYWAYS the amount of racism Saka went through shows true colours of england fans Ronaldo missed at 22 Mbappe missed at 22 and saka got the most heat U GUYS WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE FOR THE REST OF URLIFETIME CAUSE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT WORTHY WILL NOT WIN. THANK GOD FOR THIS!!!

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