Spurs Eye Ings To Play WITH Kane | Hojbjerg in EURO 2020 Team Of The Tournament! [TOTTENHAM UPDATE]

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  1. K B - Responder

    All potential signings should be considered fake news. Until you see the player holding up the Spurs shirt remember the farse that was Conte's appointment.
    I'm tired of the BULLSHIT!

  2. Eleazar Jousten - Responder

    Kane needs to go! This model is outdated. Bring in Raul Jimenez, Danny Ings, and Chiesa. With that £115 milion. If spurs are not near the top four in the January transfer window. He is anyway going to want to leave this is going to dampen the team spirit. That's exactly what happened last season.

  3. Gregor Kropotkin - Responder

    It's a different name every day-it's just chickenshit from Levy central but I don't want him anyway, Sonny and Harry just need a functional defence and a swift, reactive midfield behind them for a change.

  4. mike nayler - Responder

    I bet as a child, Levy kept accounts of his pocket money. Ingoings and outgoings. I bet his bottom line was the thing he lost most sleep about.

  5. Sangmin Lee - Responder

    Using 3-5-2 formation with Ings+Kane on top does not make much sense. Sacrificing Son's offensive productivity to use Ings? How does that strenthen the team?

  6. Island Life - Responder

    Cristian Romero 😁
    Get him GET HIM 👏🏽👏🏽
    Been mentioning him for months now
    ALOT of potential & he has that fighting spirit just like Tomiyasu
    Both confident and keep their head in the game we need them

  7. robert tomasso - Responder

    His is rubbish he has no interest in spurs, just a lot of nonsense to fill up air time, when a player holds up a spurs shirt he has joined, we are talking about spurs after all!

  8. SIG P226 - Responder

    You just dumped Son.

    What a disrespect towards Son

    Comparing Son to Who? Ings? Are you mad?

    Playing Kane and Ings upfront means Son either gets dropped or plays as a wingback.
    Dare Nuno to do this.
    Liverpool Real Madrid Bayern will come knocking so fast and we can all kiss Son goodbye.
    Get your priorities straight Sim

  9. SIG P226 - Responder

    Since when do we dump Son over Ings?
    This site is Pathetic.
    To all you Korean fans out there, let Son know that some fanbase here at Spurs won’t think twice about dumping him.
    The only Player in the Premier League to score and assist double 2 consecutive seasons in a row.
    Voted by the players for the PFA Team of the Season.
    Possibly one of the best left wingers in World football right now
    And you compare Son with who?

    Stats and Facts that no one talks about.

    Kane 23 goals 137 shots 4 penalties
    Son. 17 goals 68 shots 1 penalty

    Salah 22 goals 126 shots 4 penalties
    Bruno 18 goals 121 shots 9 penalties

    Do your math.
    137 shots to 68.

    No wonder Son is still so criminally underrated. We’ve got fans like you.

  10. Richard Coffey - Responder

    Would love ings at Tottenham great striker I seen earlier that Tottenham wanted to use sanzos plus cash to lure kundie forgive my spelling if I spelled names why not use a couple of our defender to get white in da door from brighton pl experience aswell we dont need to keep looking abroad

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