Salernitana 0-2 Juventus | Juventus bounce back from Atalanta defeat | Serie A 2021/22

The Bianconeri get a much-needed win in Salerno to keep pace with other European contenders | Serie A 2021/22

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46 respuestas a Salernitana 0-2 Juventus | Juventus bounce back from Atalanta defeat | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Kamaboko Gonpachiro dijo:


  2. Elton Mwamba dijo:

    When Cr7 was at Juventus we used to watch him alone but now we watch the all team ……..

  3. Boyy Sinsegi dijo:


  4. liza guhasengupta dijo:

    My heart morata i love uu ?

  5. Lilit Grigoryan dijo:

    Dybala- you are best

  6. Sahib Meybullayev dijo:


  7. nenim ilapen dijo:

    Paulo dybala kinda looks alike tobey maguire ?

  8. Mr international official dijo:

    How dybala linked up with dybala. The interplay was absolute world class. Notice how kulocesky moved inwards to set up the ball for dybala to strike it hard, low and into the bottom corner?

  9. Antoni Cahyadi dijo:

    Salernitana miss 3 point so much, and i hope they could acquire some new players to stay in serie a…

  10. Multiyapples dijo:

    Great win Juventus. Better luck next time Salernitana.

  11. Taggar Nu dijo:

    Why did the referee look at the VAR when it was about offside????

  12. Francesco Totti dijo:

    Rube won't be top 4

  13. Armando gutierrez Gg dijo:

    Im happy for Paulo Dybala..but for rest of the team no..coz..they not have enough finish the game cruelty.this team let Paulo fight alone to win the game..for Allegri is satisfied result of course..for me that was Lo Spirito Juve has gone.

  14. StGazpacho dijo:

    Horror de camiseta

  15. galih adi dijo:

    Dybala Top

  16. Akosh Omarov dijo:

    Дибала Мората Ювентус

  17. José Augusto dijo:

    Son é melhor Q Dybala

  18. Maxar dijo:

    Kulusevski and Ibra , the best players in serie a

  19. Rachmad Mad dijo:

    Goooo juveeee

  20. Rohan Chatterjee dijo:

    Juventus are back. Forza Juve

  21. いわ dijo:


  22. Benjamin Pedro Fernandez-Novoa dijo:

    Partidazo de Dybala

  23. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    It's kinda embarrasing that Juve only scored 2 goals againts a bottom table club. It's so frustrating but im gonna support Juve nontheless

  24. Cornellius Dimas Berlin dijo:

    This team is playing clueless football under Allegri, Juventus need to play better than this, they have several quality players and still can compete with top sides in Italian football

  25. JC O dijo:

    No nonsense. Just purely highlight. Love the content. ?????

  26. Hussien Alsafi dijo:


  27. kifly ade dijo:

    Jersey looks like volley ball

  28. Jack.Da. Ripper.( Neel) dijo:


  29. MrDankNoodle Classic dijo:


  30. gribomaru dijo:

    that last one double-legs-betweener was sick!

  31. Gubal Gubil dijo:

    bisanya cuma sama tim kecil?

  32. J Dezigner dijo:

    Paulo shiteballer

  33. Erico Christian dijo:

    Paulo dybala is too busy shooting

  34. uğur argon dijo:

    Nice manipulation fixed match.. wake up open eyes jorginho and dybala working betting mafia..

  35. MrCrisneme dijo:

    Grande cuadrado!!

  36. Sagnik Ghosal dijo:

    Nice jersey

  37. andreas bianconeri dijo:


  38. Jasemina Myrtaj dijo:

    Non c'è problema Paulo, e tutto ok.
    Tu vai vai e vaii
    Tu sei e migliore???
    Sono contento per te ???? te amo ragazzo mio?????La Joya???

  39. Corkus dijo:

    kulu Juve best player

  40. Aswathy Sudheer dijo:

    Paulo dybala Super

  41. Ramadhani dijo:

    Juventus never will win UCL trophy with defender likes Bonucci

  42. Mohsin Majid dijo:

    It was so sad dybala was often injured when ronaldo was there

  43. Abdullah Amir dijo:

    Dybala a quality player

  44. Man Dem dijo:

    I would’ve thought that Allegri would’ve taken a hint and used this formation a long time ago. It’s even meant to be his signature formation.

  45. Moideen Fayaz dijo:

    Dybala you did it again ?

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