Juventus FC Home Kit 19/20

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37 respuestas a Juventus FC Home Kit 19/20

  1. gregory emmanuel mars dijo:

    This is cool!

  2. bruh dijo:

    Tbh it looks good

  3. Kinocchio dijo:

    Man Utd?

  4. EL GATO - CLIPS dijo:

    Brs ?

  5. Saigon Buffalo dijo:

    Love it! 18/19 & 19/20 kits are the best looking kits!

  6. Koekel Akouwnt dijo:

    Shitty jersey with a shitty badge to fit a shitty club

  7. -FUN MEMES- dijo:

    A stupid kit lol.

  8. Sherliani Jonson B. dijo:

    ugh dybala

  9. Dominic Chiroro dijo:

    adidas have guts to show this shit

  10. hamad5885 dijo:

    this is more than a jersey

    its a embarresment

  11. Epicgamer 23 dijo:

    am I the only one that likes it?

  12. REAPER GAMING dijo:

    Juve loserssss

  13. Anibal Cruz dijo:

    onta el seresiete

  14. Doug Dimmadome dijo:

    Im honestly the only one who really likes this kit as the home kit

  15. Wira Andika dijo:

    2019/2020…adidas change the juventus traditional stripes kit..
    2020/2021…adidas change the club name…..juventidas???
    2021/2022..adidas sign leo messi to juventidas ???…

  16. Ãbdëllăh Şhãhińøvić dijo:

    What is the music in the background?

  17. Rögnvaldr _ dijo:

    This is shit

  18. Dimitrov dijo:

    Horrible !!!

  19. mark ass brownlee dijo:

    Juve ruined its unique style, from the juve badge to a Jeep logo and now this ?

  20. DipakTwrii dijo:

    Ronaldo is best ever

  21. M Dybala dijo:

    Juventus team spirit ??

  22. Putra PL dijo:

    Be the stripes and what stripes? PINK???

  23. Facundo Coria dijo:


  24. yeehaw dijo:

    i remember where jerseys used to be really cool.. but now they are just a money business…

  25. SuhasOP dijo:

    I love u Dybala

  26. SUPER SAYAJIN dijo:


  27. Jairo Medina Palacios dijo:


  28. WesTheKing dijo:

    Yeahhh that look bad

  29. MiniTuan dijo:

    What a shit

  30. mohit pal dijo:

    No full sleeves jersy for Juventus again

  31. MrKaravaj dijo:

    Rip Juventus logo and kit

  32. Dimmy L dijo:

    It’s terrible.

  33. Joshua Malonhao dijo:

    Shit kit

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