Juventus looks like a team that hasn't gelled yet – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti joins Dan Thomas to talk everything Serie A, including Juventus’ 1-0 loss to Empoli.
0:00 Marcotti says Manuel Locatelli needs to start for Juventus.
2:00 Should Juve fans be worried about the slow start?
3:00 Marcotti gives his take on Inter Milan’s start to the season.

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38 respuestas a Juventus looks like a team that hasn't gelled yet – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

  1. Agni Kai Never Dies dijo:

    Lmao to all the people saying Ronaldo was holding juventus back, now people see how bad they are without him, their consecutive serie a streak was bound to end with all their star players aging or leaving but since the streak ended under Ronaldo’s watch he’s blamed for it

  2. JAMIE.. dijo:

    i n t e l l e c t w e b well done for everything you have done

  3. SABRI A dijo:

    Kean – Dybala
    Rabiot – ihattaren – Chiesa
    Locatelli – McKennie
    Bonucci – Chiellinie – DeLigt

  4. ansh short video dijo:

    absolutely Juventus's defeat not penaldo's departure…

  5. MS dijo:

    Everyone sleeping on Roma

  6. Kgaloa Rachidi dijo:

    At least there’s no Ronaldo to blame for their garbage performances….bar Chiesa

  7. Laxuman Thapa dijo:

    This year Juventus will not qualify for champion league

  8. Tenzin Choezin dijo:

    Ronaldo was hiding so many weaknesses for Juve. Juve don't have any consistent scorers. No ball movement and chance creation around the 3rd end. Lack of attacking mentality. Dropping back too deep even while going down etc etc.

  9. Jelle dijo:

    Ronaldo was the problem right? We’ll see this season?

  10. Manuel Pedro dijo:

    No Ronaldo, No Party

  11. Cain Gamalo dijo:

    Allegri has brought discontent on that club.

  12. Aniket Balgotra dijo:

    Espn clowns ?

  13. Diana Hibbert dijo:

    Waiting to here what they say about roma and mourinho.

  14. singsangsung dijo:

    They should’ve signed pogba

  15. JDDC 9447 dijo:

    As a supporter of football it’s sad to see Juve struggling wished Ronaldo stayed for longer but risked hurting his legacy in the process

  16. Nobirthman dijo:

    Salenwhat?! ??

  17. Alexandre Santos dijo:

    Screw Juventus, hope they finish 5th or 6th and fail to win anything , go As Roma, Ac Milan and Napoli! CR7 will do great at United!

  18. Grant Gibson dijo:

    I dont get Juventus keeping the goalkeeper scwercny as hes error ridden and hes not commanding in his penalty box. Hes a very poor goalkeeper imo

  19. Nisar Abdulkader dijo:

    Chiesa will be wasted under Allegri. This talent should have gone to another club especially a coach who would make him an even better player.

  20. Darius dijo:

    If Ronaldo wanted to move…that´s ok. But with that short notice completely unfair to Juventus. What went into his head the last week? Why didn´t he push earlier and let Nedved and co know about his intention.

  21. akash patil dijo:

    According to these idiots when juve loose ronaldo is holding back team when barca loose messi is playing good his teamates are letting team down when psg loose neymar is letting team down

  22. Chris dijo:

    top 10 in Serie A is a realistic goal for Juventus this season.

  23. Manny Oliveira dijo:

    JUVE. The biggest joke in Italian and European club football. Good luck at Man U Cristiano. Gab is in denial as always!

  24. Carmen Cipriano dijo:

    They will level out…Fino alla Fine!

  25. Prince of Persia dijo:

    Yeah well when u say inter to get 4th, u have to be on the spot for the biased point of view, but no hard feelings lol

  26. Juan Louis dijo:

    Last time they were in trouble vs empoli. CR7 came in and won the match

  27. Neel 7 dijo:

    Gab is always anti ronaldo. Please replace him. Always spoils the mood

  28. cosmicbubble12 dijo:

    Their team is quite weak. Some of their recruitment is defo questionable

  29. ᵐᵒˢᵗRADᵘᵈᵉ dijo:

    what is Empoli?

  30. Cherry Bah319 dijo:

    Gab always says Ronaldo is on a huge money at the club bringing debts to the club. He is always jealous about him. Secondly Juventus isn't doing well without Ronaldo right now but Barcona are OK without Messi no hard feeling watch him at United the legend

  31. Oheneba Kojo dijo:

    Juventus played badly last season
    They're playing badly this season

  32. Deepan Dutta dijo:

    Inter could really defend the Scudetto

  33. A A dijo:

    Juve are a relegation candidate sadly

  34. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Im so butthurt rn. I knew this season will be tougher than before but i didn't expect Juve will crumble this quick

  35. Sadaqah Jariyah dijo:

    I will be only checking who is going to score 30 goal for juventus in this season ?

  36. Rikesh Shrestha dijo:

    No Ronaldo no 30 goals guarantee, no headers no target man inside the box. Juventus are in a big problem if they dont find goals. This could be Milan's year

  37. Rudresh Kalgutkar dijo:

    ESPNFC and Allegri are in denial that it was Cristiano who was single handedly dragging this mediocre Juve for last 3 seasons with occasional help from Dybala, Chiesa, Cuadrado.
    Inter lost their two best players and Conte who won them title and is proven in Premiere League still playing better.
    It's going to backfire on Allegri and Juve how they treated CR7 the least they can do is appreciate what he has done.


    Now it's obvious CR7 wasn't the problem

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