Whispered ASMR Facts – Juventus FC – ASMR in different languages ??????????????????????????

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Here is a video that has been highly requested. It is a whispered ASMR video on the mighty Juventus. I read out facts and history about this brilliant football club in different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Welsh, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch and Russian. I wanted to do more but at nearly an hour, I was running out of time and save space – sorry! I hope you enjoy the video!!

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24 respuestas a Whispered ASMR Facts – Juventus FC – ASMR in different languages ??????????????????????????

  1. WelshASMR82 dijo:

    Don't forget to check out my Italian channel, WELSHASMR82_ITALIAN !https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCwY4Qlo3tqEKtklf9vuoH1g/videos ? Here is my latest video in Italian: https://youtu.be/4Grp0TsTgX8

  2. Hello, very cool! Hello to you from the capital of Russia-Moscow, really liked the video, I see you like Moscow Spartak? It would just be very nice to see a video with my favorite team! Thank you! Well, according to the tradition of Spartak fans – "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE " ❤?

  3. Young Zan dijo:

    Could you do HJK Helsinki?

  4. Andrew Bilz dijo:

    They ain’t won the champions league ever ? & great video mate really liked it

  5. Emre Ünlü dijo:

    ur turkish is so good. U should make more videos in turkish????

  6. Gizem Ayvar dijo:

    Have you every studied Turkish before? Because you speak Turkish very well! Thank u!

  7. Wow!! Your Dutch is sooo good!? Keep it up!❤️??

  8. Lessia dijo:

    My beloved Juventus ?
    Great video! In Italian, a girl who loves Juventus is a "Juventina" ?

  9. Tolga Ayhan dijo:

    and damn ur turkish is perfect ???

  10. Tolga Ayhan dijo:

    Bro u have my sub I love your Videos ✌? please make videos about Bayern, celtic and Fenerbahce in turkish and german…. thanksss❤

  11. also amazing turkish! çok guzel

  12. thank you for the pure whispers <3 loved this video!!!

  13. itsjustcery dijo:

    Turkish is so nice thank you❤

  14. KIDLOG dijo:

    Hey,thank you for this video,it’s very cool! How I understand you love a football, and do you have a favorite football team?

  15. Извините что не по теме, но можно узнать, что у Вас за модель телефона?

  16. molto bravo,ti prego fai un video interamente in italiano ❤❤❤

  17. TB89 dijo:

    I remember the first whisperer I ever listened to religiously was TheWhisperingVoice who was also Welsh. That was like 2008. I wish he'd come back after leaving the scene when everything got super HD and tap tap tapping which i/he probably hated.

    But its great to have your ASMR as I love learning languages and you remind me of The Whispering Voice

  18. fer rosales dijo:

    Club América de México, please.

    Nice video della vecchia signora del calcio.

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