? LIVE | Get pumped for Villarreal-Juventus, with pre-game build-up and analysis, followed by English in-game match reaction! #ForzaJuve ⚪⚫

00:00 Getting Pumped

32:18 Vlahovic goal

01:17:54 Half-time break

01:33:15 Second Half

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  1. corrado dijo:


  2. roman chemical my dijo:

    Use the 433 formation where Dybala play as Second Striker between two CFs (Vlahovic + Morata). Dont let Vlahovic alone without support from teammates!

  3. Sylla Ahmadou dijo:

    Il faut travailler sur le dossier de Ousmane demble

  4. Sylla Ahmadou dijo:

    Ousmane demble transfér at Juventus

  5. Canur Channel dijo:

    One match one goal,one goal=defense,defense=draw/lose,when did you win?

  6. Chris dijo:

    great goal by Vlahovic, but a disgraceful performance and result. maybe a 2-2 draw at home and out on away goals if Shezny has his say.

  7. HelloItsMe dijo:

    Allegri OUT

  8. Br. James dijo:

    allegri out

  9. Michele Perlini dijo:

    Adrien RABIOT 4 – Indolente, distratto, in continuo ritardo. Era già il peggiore nel pur buon primo tempo bianconero. Nella ripresa si addormenta, perdendo l'inserimento di Parejo. Graziato dopo un intervento folle su Chukwueze. Il consueto Rabiot, niente di nuovo. Il fatto che sia sempre titolare nella Juventus resta un mistero per tutti.

  10. Revelator dijo:

    landucci IN

  11. Revelator dijo:

    allegri OUT.

  12. nuan dijo:

    The magic of jay

  13. ElleEsse dijo:

    Ma cosa sono ste pagliacciate orribili??!! ma fatela finita

  14. Melki Mawuntu dijo:

    Allegri Out

  15. Rashedul Alam dijo:

    Juventus destroyed Ronaldo's DNA.
    Master of back pass team.

  16. Br. James dijo:

    juventus just expected allegri to win. they didn't want allegri to make beauty. but this team don't even win. juventus should sack allegri

  17. kataoka31 dijo:

    i don't know where this team should be gone.

  18. Black Musk dijo:

    Allegri's football is disgusting

  19. undhu asma dijo:

    lucky juve didn't lost. change allegri!
    he like dont wanna win more on this season, meybe he get paid from calcio mob.

  20. Rembez dijo:

    Always, passive after 1-0 and can't win…

  21. 7536 jhson dijo:

    allegri out

  22. Tiamo♡Fededušan♡ dijo:


  23. Melki Mawuntu dijo:

    Allegri Out

  24. Ahmad Marsudi dijo:

    Allegri Out..

  25. Easy Ambrose dijo:

    Allegri has no excuse, the club went out and sign Zakaria but the coach still plays his fav son Rabiot in an important game. Why is Loca still playing as a DM? Free him up!!!!!!! I gave up on Allegri already his football is sucking the life out of me. De Sciglio decent in a few Serie A games but always found wanting in a important Champions League tie and ppl want to extend his contract HA.

  26. Giovanni Fiumara dijo:

    Giovanni from Melbourne

  27. au channel dijo:

    Juventus no kreatif… Monoton and zonk hari Juventus ohhh Juventus

  28. Zenk Abe dijo:

    Playing boring like that want to win ucl ?
    Wake up allegri you are paid dearly not to relax….!!!

  29. TheDiskusijenet dijo:

    Forza Vlahovic

  30. MR .F dijo:

    A boring play from juventus

  31. princextreme88 dijo:

    forza juve

  32. Юлиян Черкезов dijo:

    Juve should smash teams like Villareal. I hope that in the summer Juve are gonna buy some quality players and sell Rabiot and Alex Sandro and De Sciglio. Juve can buy Raspadori , Zaniolo and Bremer it will be improvment

  33. rita miraglia dijo:

    Paulo dybala giocatore Juve più forte della serie a

  34. rita miraglia dijo:

    Paulo dybala campione

  35. rita miraglia dijo:

    Se paulo dybala giocatore Juve stasera giocava vincevano la partita con i suoi gol spettacolari

  36. Putra Syahreza dijo:

    Allegri out

  37. lilmili131 dijo:

    come on man, you can put the blame on tactics of Allegri. How can you play like that the whole game after this early goal?

  38. BenCla dijo:

    Caro Allegri devi cambiare il modo di giocare ,Arthur è da mettere subito.

  39. Babanck dijo:

    Allegri Ball ???

  40. Leonida 64 dijo:

    Abbiamo pareggiato per colpa sua

  41. Sofyan Hadi Ahmad dijo:

    Minim taktik alegri ?

  42. Jenal Aripin dijo:

    Scored one goal,, as usual backpass backpass backpass?‍♂️

  43. For Indonesia dijo:

    Just play safe, play defence, and even he do this, the other team can still make a goal. Shame on allegri.

  44. For Indonesia dijo:

    I dont know what was Allegri teach to the team when he gives training. 2 – 4 times in a week, and he dont make improve for his tactics..

  45. Ethan Coke dijo:

    Barca vs Napoli next

  46. BosskillerGD dijo:


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