Atalanta 1-1 Juventus | Danilo strikes at the death to secure draw for Juventus | Serie A 2021/22

The Sunday headline act ends in a draw; Malinovskyi put the hosts in front with a rocket from a set-piece but the former Manchester City man levelled the scoring with just minutes to spare | Serie A 2021/22

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42 respuestas a Atalanta 1-1 Juventus | Danilo strikes at the death to secure draw for Juventus | Serie A 2021/22

  1. M.K. S. dijo:

    I hope, that Italian FOOTball, will get "STRONGer"/better; **with more -money/investment's**/win-ning more trophy's, in "Europe"/Inter-Nationall: both @ "club" AND "National"_ level('s) etc.

  2. Leonid Genri dijo:

    Gool gool

  3. STAR FUT dijo:

    Where did pasalic and ilicic go!
    Ilicic is a super playmaker. No wonder Atalanta are struggling to score nowadays

  4. 4Casters io the betting exchange dijo:

    odds right before the game Juventus vs Villareal football in 4casters betting exchange

    Juventus +113
    Villarreal -190

  5. Eugen lobashov dijo:

    Malinovsky!!! Super!!!

  6. Dan James 4 Ballon d’or dijo:

    Commentators voice is way too loud

  7. Antoni Cahyadi dijo:

    Atalanta play better in this match, and 1 points looks precious to back in champions league spot again #Go Atalanta Go from Indonesia

  8. Jasper Thomson dijo:

    Malinovsky is so godamn underrated

  9. Samson Mbutta dijo:

    Malinovsks most goal ???Atalanta from Tanzanian

  10. Alexa Phillips dijo:

    Malinovski … Probably in the top 10 goal of the season… We should have won it, not our best game! But the fact that we've Equalised in the dying moments is in itself. The will power & determination kept us going #FinoAllaFine 11 games unbeaten streakStill 4th in the table

  11. Денис Толубицкий dijo:

    Это Malina детка..

  12. Don vito dijo:

    Demiral ate vlahovic alive all match long. Too bad for the goal


    The goal by Malinovski is gem ?

  14. Формула души dijo:

    Атланта в этом сезоне всех поражает! Просто не команда а зверь настоящий, вот что значит год голубого тигра

  15. Vernetta Sarnicola dijo:

    Malinovskyi es amazing player, pure magic. The most underrated Serie A midfielder. <== saya setuju 🙂

  16. Luca Lachina dijo:


  17. Paweł Karol dijo:


  18. vitaliyfalcon dijo:

    Malinovskiy the best. What a goal! This is crazy!!! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Atalanta!??

  19. ardiansyah dijo:

    Ohhh udah sponsor judi bola pantes hasil seria a gak bisa d prediksi ??

  20. Huan Antonio dijo:

    Demiral and de light the best??

  21. Quaddamage dijo:

    Malinovsky !!!??

  22. Арсен Рєзнік dijo:


    ? ПОСМОТРИ! ?

  23. Olajide Sehinde dijo:

    How is that an open net? ?

  24. Susilo Eko Prayoga dijo:

    Masih gwa pantau

  25. Gio C. dijo:

    Ucrainian scores in a big match.

  26. Felipe Santos Dos Passos dijo:

    Golaço do Atalanta!!

  27. James Macharia dijo:

    Beautiful goal by malinovsky

  28. Роман Костин dijo:

    малиновский в порядке. когда уже юве избавится от этого мерзкого поляка.

  29. Ярослав Лактионов dijo:

    Малинвский молодец, хороший удар

  30. john Salewo dijo:

    Semoga Juventus sukses di peringkat 5 akhir klasemen

  31. Петруха Дваух dijo:


  32. we play dijo:

    Sorry vlahovic just make juventus slow..

  33. Réd dijo:

    I like juve forwars….. Dybala, Vlahovic, Morata…

  34. Роман Романчук dijo:


  35. Waldo Anitok dijo:

    What a goal from Malinovski <== saya setuju 🙂

  36. Katya dijo:

    Якого фіга він за збірну так не забиває?

  37. nazmul rabbani dijo:

    poor team withou C.R

  38. Штиль на море dijo:

    Malina top)

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