eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE x Juventus FC – Club Edition Trailer

eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE is available from today on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) and all Juventus FC fans can get their hands on an Edition made with them in mind!

Get your Official Club Edition here:
Juventus FC:

Delivering all the critically acclaimed features and gameplay from eFootball PES 2020 that was awarded “Best Sports Game” at E3 2019, plus more. Along with the latest player and club data for the new season, the game also includes the exclusive UEFA EURO 2020™ mode and content in advance of the rescheduled real-life tournament.

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29 respuestas a eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE x Juventus FC – Club Edition Trailer

  1. Çiğdem Abeş dijo:

    Ronaldinho and Maradona trails

  2. Aqib Shahrom dijo:


  3. Fathi Gilang Yusuf dijo:

    this is why ronaldo in fifa 22 rating card 91

  4. Nong Albert dijo:


  5. William Bissolati dijo:

    Forza Giuventus

  6. Maximiliano Pérez dijo:

    Es el mejor vídeo de pes que he visto?❤ y con la musica queda increíble

  7. POWELL# KIDLEE, dijo:

    Best football game in the world

  8. Verrell Roberto Papu dijo:

    E football 2022 world

  9. Verrell Roberto Papu dijo:

    Summer winter 2021 2022 world

  10. Verrell Roberto Papu dijo:

    Cr7 real king goat world

  11. 4KURDSTANxKILLUA dijo:


  12. สาช้า OFFICIAL♡ dijo:


  13. Ahmad Yousaf Vlog dijo:

    Thanks for sharing beautiful

  14. ISMAEL M. dijo:

    300 siiiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  15. Aravind Elangovan dijo:

    Pes got messi and ronaldo

  16. Walker dijo:


  17. NazoDubs dijo:

    For what the license of Piemonte Calcio? ???

  18. prolific_fast11 dijo:

    This game is good in certain areas but when it comes to special agents, don't hold your breath because you never get who you want, You can try 12 times and not get 1 target, please allow the packs to be done more than 3 times, it is so unfair most of the time


  20. Gilberto Sánchez dijo:

    They have to put that 2019 Juventus kit sometime on the eFootball store, please

  21. Masked Genius ✪ dijo:

    Love it??

  22. Onyx Core dijo:

    PS5 Released and they doing the trailer with the PS4.

  23. Sumita Jagga dijo:

    Cr7 is the best!

  24. STFN dijo:

    Rip barcelona

  25. Exoclape dijo:

    De light is pretty good at English than i thought

  26. Marcin Spławinski dijo:

    Please add polish langue

  27. ganeswaran ravindran dijo:

    Y you're pes mobile is a shit game my movements are slow u guys are shit

  28. Luffy-suprême dijo:

    Pes 2021 thanks you for messi and ronaldo

  29. Nicolas Piron dijo:

    Worst simulation ever. Shame on you Konami

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