Juventus FC – Never Give Up |HD

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18 respuestas a Juventus FC – Never Give Up |HD

  1. THE 202 dijo:

    I'm no more a Juventus fan! ?

    LOL.. just kidding

  2. BayernlealComp HD dijo:

    Great vid man ☇??

  3. NazalR7 dijo:

    Sub for sub?
    If interested, Subscribe & Comment on my latest video.
    I have liked your video and wish you would do the same.
    Lets grow together :).

  4. AZ13 HDi dijo:

    ohhhh my friend

  5. JrZeha dijo:

    Nice video

  6. Swad Bodhy dijo:

    My deep respect to this beautiful juve team who fought back…. But the cynical ref had strict orders RM must go through!!!! And chellini,yes you better exchange your shirt with Luis Suarez than those…..

  7. Swad Bodhy dijo:

    Juve for me is connected with heysel tragedy in 1985…….worst UCL final night and though juve won ,there was no joy

  8. PrivateJet dijo:

    To be honest i want juve in semi finals but real is already there. Also the colors of this editing are crazy…really love them

  9. Bipin Baldwin Gomez dijo:

    Good video bro I have subscribed bro can you just check out my channel if you like plzz subscribe

  10. uma nagasri dijo:

    Good video

  11. Astl3 dijo:

    Loved it, the editing style was perfect

  12. W1LL dijo:

    Great Video Bro! CHECK MY LAST VIDEO!

  13. Jacko Football dijo:

    great video keep them coming! loved it

  14. CrisFilmz ™ dijo:

    great video bro! remember me – h7i filmz lol

  15. ArtemixHD dijo:

    Fantastic video bro! ??

  16. Rem dijo:


    ?well done

  17. PF Football dijo:

    Good video brouu

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