Genoa 2-1 Juventus | Incredible scenes at Marassi Stadium! | Serie A 2021/22

In a display of pride and determination, the Grifone complete a stunning comeback against Juventus with captain Criscito netting the winner after having failed to convert a spot-kick in the derby against Sampdoria last week | Serie A 2021/22

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29 respuestas a Genoa 2-1 Juventus | Incredible scenes at Marassi Stadium! | Serie A 2021/22

  1. tirbuşon sıralar dijo:

    Gift from juve to is sure

  2. Morino Ravenberg dijo:

    Juve has gone downhill substantially.

  3. Mehmet BAŞKARA dijo:

    ???? Juventus sağolsun ?

  4. Anderson Pedrozo dijo:

    Forza Genoa!!!

  5. Hope Hisense dijo:

    Out of domain juve

  6. Mateo Hernan Rodriguez Sánchez dijo:

    Porque no jugó Johan Vásquez?

  7. Kristi Karteri dijo:

    Worthless match

  8. Luca Bidoli dijo:


  9. TD PREMIUM dijo:

    Q malditos h d millll pt son

  10. Zbxnxnx dijo:

    La reacción del gol de penal fue impresionante, todo lo que genera el fútbol, es por eso que amo este deporte!

  11. Vanny Rachmad dijo:


  12. 畢業生1819李柏融 dijo:


  13. Audityo Pujo dijo:

    Comeback stronger in the next season, La fidanzata de Italia !!! #FinoAllaFine #FORZAJuventus

  14. Ihsan Kamil dijo:

    berbau pengaturan sekali ?

  15. J R dijo:

    Genoa keeper did well. Unlucky Juventus.

  16. Donie Chandra dijo:

    I remember someone said that Kean was better than Leao ?

  17. Cyber football dijo:

    I am an AC Milan fan well done Genoa

  18. Ken Masters dijo:

    moise keane is awful

  19. Faisal Fkp dijo:

    morata + kean is a deadly duo

  20. Ronaldo John dijo:

    U can never predict serie a?????

  21. Hunize dijo:

    Moise Kean & De Sciglio ..
    They are not Serie A level player. ? ..

  22. Бауржан dijo:

    Дженоа ломает грандов но проигрывает лузерам

  23. MEETINFO dijo:

    The game was a gift by juve to genoa, we all knew that.

  24. Julka Parapat dijo:

    Why Juventus??

  25. MWOLF 99 dijo:


  26. Fabrizio Garreta dijo:

    sack allegri please

  27. AmokRun666 dijo:

    Best comedy mach of season! Better than empoli – inter……

  28. Antonio Sanchez dijo:

    Lo de morata y Kean…lamentable

  29. cuore nerazzurro dijo:

    As usual, at the end of the série A, the teams that have nothing to play let the team playing for staying in Serie A win.

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