Juventus 2-1 Venezia | Bonucci strikes twice to seal Bianconeri win! | Serie A 2021/22

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24 respuestas a Juventus 2-1 Venezia | Bonucci strikes twice to seal Bianconeri win! | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Marcos dijo:

    Leia Marx = L M

  2. iran gzr dijo:

    What a game by miretti (I think that’s how you spell his name lol) the guy needs more playing time

  3. GORAN Ruzic dijo:

    Bonucci isch geworden 35

  4. Paul Sollohub dijo:

    Happy Birthday Leonardo. Congratulations on your double strike ?????⚽️⚽️??

  5. Sabin Kafle dijo:

    Happy birthday bonnuchi?

  6. Законопослушный водитель dijo:

    Дед оформил дубль)

  7. Bask Martikno dijo:

    Happy B'Day Leonardo Bonucci…Wish You All The Best..!!

  8. Tri Astuti dijo:

    Juventus go, go, go

  9. NIJE TRKA dijo:

    Scezny ?great game

  10. Devon Yardi dijo:

    allegri owut. Forza Juve

  11. Sukran Ruspati dijo:

    What a birthday Bonucci ?

  12. Anonymous 11 dijo:

    Allegri out??

  13. 세균맨 dijo:

    Allegri out

  14. JOE_V GAMES dijo:

    Bonucci pulled off a ankle lock in that last celebration ?⚪️⚫️

  15. Click dijo:

    Thanks Bonucci!

  16. Eetu Sivonen dijo:

    great game??

  17. John Chen dijo:

    Venezia great goal

  18. Ismail Ismailiswara dijo:

    Macam pahang

  19. Antoine Subit Les Coups dijo:

    Do you want to play as a defender, midfielder or forward?
    Bonucci – Yes

  20. Hanna Sakti dijo:

    Miretti on the list

  21. Why don`t you find out for yourself? dijo:

    Ancient style of play, game management after going 1-0 up against the bottom team? These players have been conditioned to play this way, some of their confidence is at rock bottom. allegri and some of the players are to blame. either way the combination is barely working. Miretti a nice surprise! `People come and go, Juve remains`.

  22. Cornellius Dimas Berlin dijo:

    Still, not so convincing performance for The Old Lady, they need to play better than this #AllegriOut

  23. Yona Yoni dijo:

    What a strike from Aramu

  24. blondy western dijo:


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