Sassuolo 1-2 Juventus | Kean snatches late winner for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

A fine display from the hosts is not enough to take all three points as the ruthless Bianconeri comeback from 1-0 down to win the match | Serie A 2021/22

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33 respuestas a Sassuolo 1-2 Juventus | Kean snatches late winner for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Krr dijo:

    Keane should lead juventus and Italy attack in future

  2. iveg dijo:

    the result is harsh for the hosts.draw was a better to reflect this game…

  3. Mark Carlisle dijo:


  4. Ulya Rahma dijo:


  5. Gimin Daryanto dijo:

    ??? forza JUVENTUS FOREVER ??????

  6. EffB.O'94 dijo:

    Fair play to moise Kean, didn't think he'd do anything when he came on, sure shut me up ĺol

  7. THE OSCAR dijo:

    Morata could be competing with Ronaldo if he wasn't Miss World Spain

  8. Megan Chan dijo:

    See? Dybala doesn't just have FAME! ?

  9. RIHAN dijo:

    Juventus ??

  10. Bondan Arion dijo:

    sudah saatnya miretti, fagioli dan soule dimainkan musim depan…botak

  11. THOR GAMING dijo:

    Morata missed more than Werner ??

  12. Channa vhero dijo:


  13. Review Dulu dijo:

    Assists from Berardi make me climax lol

  14. MARCO AGUILAR dijo:


  15. MARCO AGUILAR dijo:


  16. thomas swords dijo:

    Juve really need a rebuild I know they won but they have been so poor considering how big of club it is

  17. Edi Wibowo dijo:

    sassuolo red card?? who…??


    They should use Moise Kean more, honestly

  19. Ita dijo:

    Consigli should be playing for a top club like Inter, Napoli or Juve. He is so consistent, for quite a long time.

  20. F⚽⚽TBALL dijo:

    Moise keannn !!! ?

  21. AJAY S. SANDHU dijo:

    Had Juventus would hv provided this sort of midfield reinforcements during CR7’s time they would hv been top of league n champions league now same is with MU they their midfield is worst in Europe n they didn’t buy reinforcements in winter transfer window but instead are paying likes of Lingard to warm the bench and letting him go free even when they had chance to cash on him in winter transfer

  22. melayu punah dijo:

    Bali Indonesia ???

  23. popi dijo:

    Kalau orang langit pakai PC .., soalnya masa sepak bola perlu lapangan..

  24. Mila Tania dijo:

    Forza juve

  25. Tangy Docaine dijo:

    Dybala is underrated

  26. SHINZZO dijo:

    Dybala should be permanent in the team

  27. Ad Yt dijo:

    – dybala + raspadori pls

  28. Sulaak dijo:

    Everton should have kept Moise Kean as cover for the injured Calvin-Lewin , now that they are in the regulation zone.

  29. Muhammad Lsalim dijo:

    Goal Kean= Drogba?

  30. Mr T Does dijo:

    Such an underrated game for morata

  31. Pfizer dijo:

    There are 2 world class strikers that has bad finishing, they often (not always but often) misses in a golden opportunities (like 80-90% goal chances), they are:
    1. Alvaro Morata (example 1:44)
    2. Timo Werner (chelsea's striker)

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