Juventus Theme Song – Storia Di Un Grande Amore – with Lyrics and Translation

For Juventus Nation, this is the theme song for our beloved team. We are lucky to have Juventus back in the USA this summer. Let us enjoy this opportunity and cheer for our favorite Serie A team.

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22 respuestas a Juventus Theme Song – Storia Di Un Grande Amore – with Lyrics and Translation

  1. Wil Barus dijo:

    Semoga bisa nyanyi ini di juventus stadium.

  2. Farhad Yousif dijo:

    2022 and still ?⚪⚫

  3. Marisa Lombardi dijo:

    This song expresses every emotion that one feels being a Juve fan…
    Forza Juve!

  4. Andrea Ricciuti dijo:

    Coro non.toro

  5. Andrea Ricciuti dijo:

    Parola.toro.non.mi.piace…coro e meglio

  6. the goat? dijo:

    Miss juve?
    Am cr7 fans

  7. Adrian mvp dijo:

    No more dybala

  8. Omar Abdiwahab dijo:

    Am a Milan and Liverpool fan but God damn I love ❤️ juventus fans passions on the pitch ? without ? ? a doubt the best ? anthems in ▶️ ⏯️ ▶️ football ⚽️

  9. Kyoto dijo:

    Listening to this after Dybala and Chiellini’s last match, shit hurts

  10. Tishko Kamal dijo:

    Forzaaaaaaaa Juveeeeeeeeeee ??

  11. Alexx 1980 dijo:

    I was lucky to see stars like Platini, Zidane, Del Piero, Nedved, Jugovic, Ibrahimovic, Cannavaro, Pogba, Salas, Pirlo, Ronaldo and many more on Delle Alpi, and now Alianz arena. My favourite club, and I am not even Italian. Next season I already saved for champions league. I even went when JUVE was demoted to serie B. WHO knows how much I spent on their matches but JUVE STORIA DI UN GRANDE AMORE..

  12. Jose Roberto Garzaro dijo:

    Sono rossonero ma me ne frega un cazzo, mi piace tantissimo questo inno, il testo ma soprattuto la musica e anche il ritmo!

  13. Realist dijo:

    0:20 why zoom in on the most vanilla couple!?

  14. anhedonia dijo:

    Looks like anime opening

  15. Apolo Lovro dijo:

    i was at that stadium when ronaldo scored against us?

  16. ICE FIRE 04 dijo:

    Chi qui dopo la sconfitta in coppa Italia contro l'inter????

  17. Mortian Ricky dijo:

    تشبه أغنية سابق ولاحق

  18. RAMPAGE X dijo:

    I want to play for juve one day

  19. Germain Lascaro dijo:

    Juve merda

  20. marcelo Castel dijo:

    Aguante la juve
    Aguante RIVER CARAJOOO !

  21. Master Junky dijo:

    At 2:12 someone in the centre-right waves a fascist flag, the Italian flag with the eagle from the Italian fascist era.

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