Juventus vs Real Madrid 2-1, ucl 2004/2005 Round of 16 – Extended Highlights

Champions League 2004-2005
Round of 16
1st leg : Real madrid vs Juventus 1-0
2nd leg : Juventus vs Real Madrid 2-0

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34 respuestas a Juventus vs Real Madrid 2-1, ucl 2004/2005 Round of 16 – Extended Highlights

  1. Eugene Noah dijo:

    Only Ibra left to this day playing football..what a legend

  2. Luis Flores dijo:

    Defensa mala del Madrid

  3. Toys and me dijo:

    When football was actually football not like today

  4. Stunna girl dijo:

    I'm Really surprised How 90s to 2010s juve team never won the ucl Juve team never won the ucl? full of star players hey had the best players of all time in their squad yet they lost 5 finals from 1990-2017… Viera , prime Buffon , Piero , NEDVED and zidane. They deserved 3 out of of 2 ucls they lost in 1996-1998

  5. andrea motenai dijo:

    Zalajeta sempre gol pesantissimi. Come nel 2003 contro il barca

  6. otom otom dijo:

    10:46 Why R9 making this sign ?? with both hands?

  7. مصطفى هاشم dijo:

    روعة كانت المابارة

  8. Samy Citizen dijo:

    Two great teams with two super goalkeepers

  9. Alberto Nieddu dijo:

    Out Del Piero, In Trezeguet ?

  10. GabKoost dijo:

    Raul overrated AF.

  11. obaida alhasi dijo:

    This made me angry

  12. dorjeton cepele dijo:

    And they say Juventus has stolen matches with this player ?????

  13. andrea chiocchi dijo:

    Coddioo Marcelo Zalayeta!

  14. Roshan George dijo:

    This match had more superstars than all of the biggest stars in today's football combined

  15. Fabrizio Azzoni dijo:

    Che super squadra era la juve…..

  16. Vincenzo De Leo dijo:

    Questa era una una Juventus che giocava, aveva grandi giocatori ed eliminava un Real Madrid stellare e pieno di campioni. Che tristezza vedere giocare la Juve oggi!

  17. Andrea Zorbac dijo:

    Ok però non si vede perché hanno espulso Ronaldo?

  18. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Great match

  19. Stars Above dijo:

    Ibrahim? Haha that's funny that the commentator mispronounced Zlatan's name. Shows how young he still was back then. Also, well Zlatan made sure no one got his name wrong… Ever again ?.

  20. Elnur Abbaszadə dijo:

    İ watched this match.Since 2005 Real fan…l was 10 years old then…

  21. VN VEXERE dijo:

    8:30 Trezequet owns a great skill to get the ball into the goal. It look like the goal he scored in Euro 2000 final match. A world-legend-class of shot technique.

  22. emil salim dijo:

    the time before TV checking, amazing madrid kontra Juve

  23. Isabel Bordón Barreto dijo:

    1:33 uuu q tapada q grande casillas

  24. Plumpi Strumpi dijo:

    What a striker Trezeguet was. One of the most complete centre forward ever.

  25. Burgerger3 Gerger3 dijo:

    Trezegoal !

  26. FDJ IRAQ dijo:

    Zlatan ?

  27. Thiago Nobre dijo:

    Real deu azar demais na primeira partida era pra ter sido uma goleada de 3×0 e ja definir a classificação. A bola pune.
    Em champions a Juventus eliminou várias vezes o Real Madrid mas nas 2 finais que disputaram o time espanhol foi campeão( 1998 e 2017)

  28. Rud Van dijo:

    Estos era partidazos!

  29. S. ab dijo:

    Only if this team had a manager like Mourinho or Ancelotti…their trophy cabinet would have flourished every season.

  30. RANJAN MILI dijo:

    Goalkeeper Buffon later ate lots of good food n his performance soured..n he conceded goals after goals..on the other hand Ronaldo(Brazilian) too ate some great food n he became fat n stout…n could not score goals as he used to be..

  31. Kamron Hudayberganev dijo:


  32. Sotiris Like a Boss dijo:

    6.47: after 2 knee injuries gets past all the defenders maybe in the best defence in the world . scary what we would have witnessed if he wasn 't so unlucky .

  33. F.José C.C dijo:

    0:10 el reportero no conocía aún a Ibrahimovic xd

  34. Angel Reyes dijo:

    Buffon and ibramohivc still play to this day amazing ? ? ? ? ?

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