Paul Pogba with the fancy footwork ?

Paul Pogba with the fancy footwork ?
(Via Juventus/IG)
#ESPNFC #shorts

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32 respuestas a Paul Pogba with the fancy footwork ?

  1. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    he did more here than he did for man u

  2. CA dijo:

    The slickness

  3. Tebello Francis Koatsa dijo:

    *When you actually love the club you play for.

  4. Dlaniger Agehs dijo:

    Manchester United taught us that Pogba can't press

  5. David Pearson dijo:

    Ok, so what. Any clips of his regular misplaced passes?

  6. Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal dijo:

    When it comes to the crunch … he will go missing … Italian league perhaps will suit him … because its not as rapid as English … but in the CL he will be found out … espy agst the English clubs …

  7. Tony Mayo dijo:

    He is a YouTube player. Stop taking the bait.

  8. Hound of Uladh dijo:

    Pogbank. Took Utd to the cleaners

  9. Milind Kunwar dijo:

    He can play in Italy. PL is too physical & fast. He can't produce what he did in Italy.

  10. Carlyle Donelly dijo:

    You have Paul Pogba#10 ??and we have pobega #32??

  11. Redtriever dijo:


  12. Charles Mangaali dijo:

    Can't believe they let him go for free, lol

  13. Shegeloaf dijo:

    That's skilful

  14. davygraham dijo:

    Prancing pony

  15. Truth dijo:

    For free.

  16. Christian Calder dijo:

    Pogba reminds me of zidane

  17. DM dijo:

    Ronaldo should have just stayed at Juventus. Di Maria and a happy POGBA would supply him many opportunities

  18. Knot Abot dijo:


  19. anak kampung dijo:

    hes united best player

  20. Mike Elzinga dijo:


  21. Vancity Red dijo:

    He'll break his knees in 2 weekS!

  22. DCal2EZ dijo:

    Wow… great update ESPN FC. A professional footballer can dribble.

  23. Joe Sample dijo:

    He’ll have space in Italy, you can’t pull such tricks in England

  24. alex reid dijo:

    Most Talented Midfielder Ever…..Imo

  25. SufamiDan dijo:

    Instagram player as usual

  26. loopje dijo:

    What a fraud

  27. AUBREXNXX dijo:

    Man U: Punching the air

  28. Iain Leslie dijo:

    Too busy dancing about with lingard most off the time???

  29. Iain Leslie dijo:

    What a player,a fancy pass in training…done absolutely nowt for man utd…

  30. Kevin Henry dijo:

    Zidane would make this guy better

  31. Gary Stry dijo:

    He'll be injured and sidelined for 75% of the season. Guaranteed.

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