? Player Cam: Paul Pogba | Juventus Training

All eyes on Paul Pogba today as the Bianconeri continue their pre-season preparations!

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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25 respuestas a ? Player Cam: Paul Pogba | Juventus Training

  1. Orpheus dijo:

    Not even a man utd or juve fan but I think pogba is better off with juve. United destroys talent

  2. DJMARKO1971 dijo:

    Paul Pogba, already a world cup winner, a word that is alien in the UK and England press!

  3. raffaele bargnesi dijo:

    FORZA JUVENTUS ⚪⚫♥️♥️♥️♥️⚪⚫⚪⚫

  4. ChEbElNoMe dijo:

    Io Paul Pogba lo aspettavo da un sacco di tempo, é forte, sa dribblare, a tanta grinta e ha un tiro splendido ce ne sono pochi di centrocampisti forti come lui ora

  5. DEKKOtheKiNG dijo:

    He looks very focused, I hope he finds himself again.

  6. Unruly Blvss X dijo:

    Pogba’s boots are they unreleased?

  7. Jirawat Laohasangcharoen dijo:

    Paul is leader

  8. son of father dijo:

    As a Man United fan, I've never hated Pogba at once.

  9. Enrico Trombetta dijo:

    Quanto gasa

  10. Maria Cristina Mihalache dijo:

    Paulopogba é un grande anche Angel di mario

  11. BONY dijo:

    Il va retrouver son niveau à la juve

  12. Mondli afrika kahadebe Hadebe dijo:

    Some people wow, bitterness shame Man U is no longer a big team players like Pogba they don't deserve to play for a small teams

  13. fnzone dijo:

    Imagine playing your sport for a living ⚽️? everyday all day ?

  14. einszwedrei07 dijo:

    Why are the videos color graded so dark?

  15. Chidubem Nwaohiri dijo:

    What Pogba is to Man Utd is what Lukaku is to Chelsea.

    2 players that could be great if they had stayed focused but chose to pursue other engagements.

    For those saying Pogba is a great player, your not wrong but it would be just short of great.

    I hope he picks up at Juventus and Juventus has to be very careful…..these players are not entirely what they seem.

  16. Mamudou Trawally dijo:

    Now am a Juventus fan because of my brother Paul Pogba. Much love to you

  17. iDontPull Outt dijo:

    Juventus has such a crush on pogba

  18. BEAR28 dijo:

    0:57 Allegri ti fissa tu che fai?

  19. Gio C. dijo:

    I remember how Pogba was featured in every second Juventus goal. Looking forward to that happening again, as history likes to repeat itself. Been waiting for this re-signing since he left and was disrespected at ManU. Welcome back, brother!

  20. Bagus Laksono dijo:

    Bravo Pjaca

  21. Krishna Panji dijo:

    Please sell McKennie and Arthur
    Just keep Rabiot and Zakaria
    Let's be fair
    Rabiot have more minute playing than McKennie
    Weston have some high price too

  22. Krishna Panji dijo:

    Trio midfield
    Main (from left to right): Pogba – Locatelli – Di Maria

    Backup (from left to right): Rovella – Miretti – Fagioli

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