Paul Pogba & Ángel Di María in action! | Juventus Training

Paul Pogba and Ángel Di María join up with the Juventus team as pre-season preparations are underway!

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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42 respuestas a Paul Pogba & Ángel Di María in action! | Juventus Training

  1. tehamieh Feeylin dijo:

    Ansufati o for ferran Torres is come Forza juventus xd

  2. hello world dijo:


  3. Giovani Alek-wek Chipsah dijo:

    Juventus will bounce back

  4. hen ko dijo:

    It would be great, If Luis Suarez can also be on your team guys. Hopefully with the arrival of Di Maria and Paul Pogba can make an impact on your team. Força Juve! ?

  5. darthtrabia dijo:


  6. Feri Sunardi dijo:

    Mamamia lezatos

  7. Golden Boy dijo:

    Pogba wil nvr win the champions league

  8. Anand Manhas dijo:

    Di Maria is the most underrated player of all time.

  9. Derta Muriawan dijo:

    Stiamo aspettando la rosa di quest'anno della Juventus. L'intruglio di Massimiliano Allegri.
    Aspettiamo il ritorno dello Scudeto.
    Saluti giovanile Indonesia.

  10. Exodus dijo:

    Both cant make it in the EPL so have to look for easier league to look impressive.

  11. Rizal Zal dijo:

    Big smile,, pogba????


    Pogba is fit for farmers league only

  13. il juventino dijo:

    forza paul e di maria

  14. Dieudonne Nkurunziza dijo:

    Rabiot et Pogba waaoo Équipe de France i like

  15. Ahmed dijo:

    Two players going to Italy for tourism more than anything else.
    Only FC Bayern negociated intelligent transfers.

  16. Sid da Sloth dijo:

    Am I the only dumb American reading the Italian comments in a Super Mario voice? Anyways, it feels so right to have Pogba on Juventus.

  17. Boualam Kaid dijo:

    يوفنتوس يأخذ دوري ابطال اوروبا حصول عليها ?????????⚽⚽⚽⚽??⚽??

  18. Duca1299 dijo:

    Che pena ???‍♂️

  19. Fabio dijo:

    Sono curioso di vedere rovella

  20. Pepe dijo:

    Who’s the Young guy with braids with white things ??

  21. Marcin Ogórek dijo:

    Wojtek nie siedź na piłce ;p 😉

  22. Kareem Lawson dijo:

    Ronaldo should of never left this team lol what a donut


    Am going to back home ?


    Poul Pogba?✌️

  25. Нурбол 777 dijo:


  26. mateu lahoz dijo:

    Juventus great team

  27. Sani Saleh dijo:

    Ok I love.

  28. Harry dijo:

    where PP belongs. Retirement league! Get more hair cut!

  29. sto doew dijo:

    Very excited to see Angel in the starting line up ?

  30. florence Marfowaa dijo:

    Hate pogba

  31. Mina Yoga dijo:

    Love you

  32. Ahmet makul dijo:


  33. Giuseppe Cervicato dijo:

    Io vorrei vedere la Paul e Allegri challenge

  34. Emmanuel King dijo:

    They need a number 9.

  35. natural dijo:

    acabo de doparmejajajaja

  36. natural dijo:

    deme premio yo los veo no me sale gratis

  37. Naga explore dijo:

    Di Maria is nothing but a snake. ?
    Pogba is a clown. On dance and keeps on changing hair style lol

  38. Kevin Colt dijo:

    wait what?? pogba is in juventus??

    rip ucl

    edit: rip ucl for man utd not juventus btw

  39. Tri Alendra dijo:

    English subtitle would be very nice

  40. eXiLypsE dijo:

    Angel, Paris t'aime pour toujours ❤?

  41. Kw Kw dijo:

    Juventus. In my heart ?

  42. Ayanle Aar dijo:

    Fans which team is dypla goings
    Is ther still ar that team

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