GOOD DECISION for Paul Pogba to wear No. 10 at Juventus – Alessandro Del Piero | ESPN FC

Alessandro Del Piero reacts to Paul Pogba wearing the No. 10 at Juventus.

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31 respuestas a GOOD DECISION for Paul Pogba to wear No. 10 at Juventus – Alessandro Del Piero | ESPN FC

  1. 612 Ent dijo:

    Yo how come nobody talks bout players like Juan Cuadrado the guy is hard worker n plays different positions

  2. BGdroopy dijo:


  3. Pritish Appadoo dijo:

    After del Piero, Tevez was the only one who honoured that number.

  4. Ayodele Anthony dijo:

    Big lie he was expecting Madrid move, now see where he ended

  5. Ainsley Helliot dijo:


  6. XO XO dijo:

    Pity Juve …
    Good ridden … an overrated toxic player !

  7. Ragnar Lothbrock dijo:

    Hey ESPN sack Del Piero

  8. Darksky1001able dijo:


  9. stamped metal sword dijo:

    I hope Italian fans don't abuse Pogba.

  10. Neelesh C dijo:

    So what if Pogba wears 10… he will score only that no of goals …??

  11. Obaino Milano dijo:

    But Milan had more injuries than Juve and still won the scudetto..

  12. anthony selby dijo:

    Howcome Juan cuadrado never gets any compliments….. pretty underrated player he works hard…. attacks defends…. has pace takes on ppl…. sends in crosses …

  13. spha Nxele dijo:

    Denis Zakaria?

  14. Shervin Loghmani dijo:


  15. will salazar ramirez dijo:


  16. Gaetano. dijo:

    Del Piero is best number 10 for juve

  17. joe smiley dijo:

    Starting 11: Hey remember last year where rabiot was awesome and McKennie and Cuadrado were terrible….?‍♂️

  18. Marvin Steve Diaz Perdomo dijo:

    rabiot? surely mckennie starts after being so goof last season

  19. Hector Jose Ruiz villegas dijo:

    Alessandro del piero was the best 10 Juventus ever had

  20. Dennis Freeman dijo:

    Pogba wore ten his last season at Juve so I don’t see how this is a story

  21. Rohith Raman dijo:

    Paul "I was offered nothing" Pogba

  22. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Juve taking him when he's at his shittiest is so funny

  23. Millennium wisdom dijo:

    He ain't even a 10 ?? let em wear it tho it feeds his ego as well as Pogba fC let Pogba keep his dilussion mindset on it's a ? show to me can't wait to see them in champions and see Juventus get hammer hard because Pogba couldn't track back ?????

  24. Sriram S dijo:

    Need to reinforce the defence

  25. Alex dijo:

    Lmao this team is miles better than any of the juve teams Ronaldo had

  26. JP dijo:

    You don't ask for the #10 , you EARN the 10.
    This separates the legends with the clowns.

  27. I sk dijo:

    Roberto Baggio

  28. Fabio Luisi dijo:

    Roberto Baggio was the best number 10 Juventus had!

  29. Tsi Moi dijo:

    Pogba should wear "useless" not number 10.

  30. blind Daley dijo:

    Lol Pogba used to wear it. ESPN FC is Pogba fc.

  31. Andre Kelly dijo:

    Let’s be honest Man U lack ambition

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