PAUL POGBA – BEHIND THE SCENES | Inside Paul's Return to Juventus!

Exclusive behind the scenes into Paul Pogba’s return to Juventus! #pogback

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49 respuestas a PAUL POGBA – BEHIND THE SCENES | Inside Paul's Return to Juventus!

  1. Ady Shiswady dijo:


  2. Kratos dijo:

    5:29 Chi è questa, sua moglie?

  3. blogger gagal dijo:

    bremer please

  4. enstein mandarin dijo:

    Welcome home paul

  5. enstein mandarin dijo:

    Paul poligot can speak many language awasome .

  6. Taiping Town dijo:

    Comeback wutto

  7. blessing Wanjiru dijo:

    Pogba is BACK

  8. Trang Lê dijo:


  9. Chaerul Umam dijo:

    Oh his vacation again ???

  10. Faysal A dijo:

    Gone to a dead league where he will do well!

  11. vliduu zeeb dijo:

    Mai visto un giocatore così entusiasta di tornare!!

  12. Damiani Francesco dijo:


  13. @RedApplePinenapple dijo:

    Trash..never ever try to fight for his place at united…he play for money…not suprise few years later he playing at dubai

  14. Debora dijo:

    Quanto ci sei mancato Paul??

  15. leonardino il bibino dijo:

    Grazie non dovevate?❤️

  16. William Sullivan dijo:

    Glad to see back of him.

  17. Нина Васильевна dijo:

    Красивый парень, молодец.

  18. ahyar yunus dijo:

    Ronaldo g klihatan

  19. Kakashi Hatake dijo:

    I'm Paul, Paul pogback

  20. alone against all dijo:

    Bentornato Paul

  21. Valou bibi dijo:

    Heureux les piémontais

  22. Elhadji Sane dijo:

    YALLAH mayma ly

  23. Konstantin Kurdaliev dijo:

    At 0:12 – you can see the new contract offer from Man United falling down the stairs…

  24. SiyaM Ma dijo:

    Okay now I'm supporting Juventus untile then

  25. Vincent MEIGE dijo:

    Je suis très heureux de voir Paul retourner à la juventus

  26. Rom Rom dijo:

    Pogba is so bad… This year ciao 1/8 champions league

  27. OrionAsgard Zero dijo:

    A Manchester aveva detto di essere tornato a casa, a Torino lo stesso, bugiardo come molti..a Manchester avrebbe potuto fare bene ma spesso ha giocato come se fosse al parchetto con gli amici ed in Inghilterra non puoi Italia sarà molto più semplice per lui, il livello è molto più basso..da tifoso del Manchester sono parecchio contento che se ne sia andato, a non rivederci mai più..meglio ancora se avessi portato con te anche l'attaccante piagnone..peccato

  28. Cosmos Xolane dijo:

    Am i the only one who saw the lady with blond hair and white crop top?

  29. NIYOMUGABO Eugene dijo:


  30. Michael Mike dijo:

    Paul Pogba is a star …. Period!!!!

  31. misuyy fong dijo:

    I feel as the whole Universe is back on track since Paul has back to home.

  32. Hamisi Athman Hamisi dijo:

    150% united have lost something..

  33. ? Lora F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le? dijo:

    This is not only a club, Juventus is a huge family

  34. RIZQUNA Supplier dijo:

    insyaAllah Paul, you come to win with Juve, I'm proud of you… From Indonesia ??

  35. Chaelo Alpenliebe dijo:

    Selamat datang pogba… Fino ala fine

  36. Manx Missile! dijo:

    The title caption lacks originality.

  37. Ammar Ishak dijo:

    Wishing all the best in your new club

  38. Jj C dijo:

    So he still prefer farmer league

  39. Jj C dijo:

    Why did he leave Juventus ?

  40. Sonia -My New Private vidoe dijo:

    Seeing Pogba back at Juventus where he is much loved, put smile on my face.

  41. Bohal Yacob dijo:

    Bonnuci be like: Halo dekku

  42. Tono dijo:

    boring club

  43. Rony Asare Bediako dijo:

    Ten Hag shouldn’t have let him go, Ole and Ragnick didn’t use him well. Hopefully he succeeds in Turin, Pogboooom we’ll miss you.

  44. Artistalopes Artistalopes dijo:

    Fer artista in YouTube ? hehe

  45. Dianna ?T[A]P Me!! to Have [?]?? With ?? dijo:

    This is not only a club, Juventus is a huge family

  46. Mick Cardiff dijo:

    Kinel, what a jesse..

  47. Iva ? ?**СК МЕ - СНЕ?? ?? Р?????Е ? dijo:

    Paul being given a standing ovation welcome shows how much he's being loved at Juventus.

  48. Aoci Ebunga dijo:

    One of my today's favorite French players. ……PP

  49. marco donadei dijo:


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