PAUL POGBA IS BACK | Welcome Back Paul! | Juventus

??’? ????????! Paul Pogba is ? in ⚪⚫?


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39 respuestas a PAUL POGBA IS BACK | Welcome Back Paul! | Juventus

  1. fian abdurrahman dijo:

    Wow no 10

  2. Martina Rondelli dijo:

    Welcome back Polpooooo!!!????❤️❤️??????????????????

  3. Martina Rondelli dijo:


  4. Martina Rondelli dijo:

    Che belloooo!!!????❤️❤️??????????????????

  5. Martina Rondelli dijo:


  6. William King dijo:

    Sign pogba and let de light go… Juventus are idiots..

  7. bvb dijo:

    Ober rated back

  8. Juan Peluffo dijo:

    welcome back paul

  9. Melania Benedetti dijo:

    No ma che figata

  10. Marco Giannuzzi dijo:

    He deserves to be back since Juventus is his home!⚪⚫

  11. Dunn Choo dijo:


  12. Brozovic Moreno dijo:

    One of the best video presentation new football player

  13. iq_insane dijo:

    What an idiot, he believes his own hype lol

  14. Salman Alfarisi dijo:

    Welcome Back To Juventus Paul Pogba

  15. Giorgia Casadei dijo:

    Welcome tu home bodga!!! ??

  16. Akein"sTube dijo:

    im sohappy

  17. Fede dijo:

    Ora voglio vedere altre sfide!

  18. Rofi Rofi dijo:


  19. Sacco Ivano dijo:

    Forza pol

  20. RIOT CALiQuO dijo:


  21. William King dijo:

    Poo pogbrat is taking his virus to Italy next. You've been warned Juventus….

  22. John49910110 dijo:


  23. Fabio Pitascio dijo:

    Bentornato a casa paul

  24. Gabriele Mangialavori dijo:


  25. Javier Javier dijo:


  26. ????? ??????? dijo:


  27. kevin devaney dijo:

    I guess juve fans can hope for a pogba that dosnt exist. Perhaps never did…without a pirlo to carry him. All I'm happy about is that his lack of effort, terrible attitude and no desire to win has now finally left man utd. I wish juve fans better than he gave us!

  28. canal do pito dijo:

    re indietro

  29. Ashish Gupta dijo:

    PP ?

  30. Hisho 54 dijo:

    Aspettando cambiaso

  31. Dody Yosandy dijo:


  32. Fadli Ashif dijo:

    Kemarin waktu baru datang ke MU juga bilangnya "i'm back"
    Gak kreatif banget sih

  33. SCEMO CHI LEGGE dijo:

    Da milanista bel colpo come quello di di Maria.Milan ?Juventus

  34. Muhammad Reyhan dijo:

    What a song please ?

  35. Sudip Dutta dijo:

    I am bringing all that injury ????

  36. BJoz dijo:

    Hopefully he wants to come back as a football star not a tiktok star.

  37. Ayo what? dijo:

    man utd>juve>man utd>juve

  38. Ayo what? dijo:

    so like

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