Barcelona vs Juventus [2-2]Pretemporada 2022, Dallas USA – REVISIÓN DEL PARTIDO

Ousmane Dembélé anotó dos increíbles goles en solitario contra la Juventus, en vivo desde el estadio Cotton Bowl de Dallas, Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, Moise Kean devolvió el golpe dos veces, con dos goles propios, mientras Robert Lewandowski jugaba durante una hora con la camiseta del Barça. El equipo de Xavi sigue invicto en su gira por Estados Unidos, tras su última victoria ante el Real Madrid, en El Clásico. HAZTE MIEMBRO DE TALKFCB AQUÍ: O HAZTE MIEMBRO DE TALKFCB EN PATREON: MORETALKFCB – @MoreTalkFCB TalkFCB Twitter: TalkFCB Instagram: TalKFCB Facebook:

Camisetas ESPAÑA Información de primera mano del primer equipo de fútbol del Barça. Noticias de Piqué, Ansu Fati, Pedri y todos tus jugadores favoritos.

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48 respuestas a Barcelona vs Juventus [2-2]Pretemporada 2022, Dallas USA – REVISIÓN DEL PARTIDO

  1. TalkFCB dijo:

    A late-night/early morning match review! ?

    Incredible goals from Dembélé ?? Who impressed you tonight?

  2. Barça Herb. dijo:


  3. Dr Chris dijo:

    The problem is Barca does not prepare for every game the same way they prepare for an El clasico

  4. ismael Fonjah dijo:

    I now know why Xavi wants Azpi..! We don’t need Pjanic, Roberto, Depay, Collado, Umtiti, Neto, Puig and few others. Getting this players out is saving 40-50 million a year! Barca in crying about wage bill but resigned Roberto. Yesterday Xavi saw that Roberto can’t offer much and sub him around 32 min of play (That is having balls.. most coaches won’t do that). Selling this deadwood’s would have saved us 50 million this year making way for the wages. Another thing is that we have to start saving money to pay our debts. Next year Busi, Pique and hopefully Alba is living= 50 million save.
    Furthermore we should be proud of our young players: Man Gavi is something else.. we should sign this guy:


    the signings are amazing but I hope we don't end up like last season's PSG

  6. Zajawar Gaming dijo:

    Wow great

  7. Sebastian Adlercreutz dijo:

    If Cruyff had been in charge, he had put 90% of the team to train precision for months until they learned it. And frankly the team has enough talent but lacks precision on so many levels. Old school repetitive target practice is needed for months without end.

  8. S A dijo:

    Share A Spot
    pedri & torre
    gavi & kessie
    busquets & pjanic

    frenkie often left–back
    aswel as backing up other positions?

    nico loan to lyon

    baldé to barca-b
    but makes the first squad whenever replacement is needed

  9. Murali Krishna dijo:

    Do barca really owe de jong 17m. I really want to know the actual facts behind it, will you please make a video about it or just include this topic in any upcoming videos please.

  10. Henry Kojo dijo:

    Nico should be our CDM…..

  11. Reviews dijo:

    Pique Busquets Sergi Alba need to be sold

  12. I’m just a guy Sama dijo:

    what r u talking about? Dembele was n1assist last season, and he did’t even play first games of last season because of injury.100% healthy Dembele is the best right wing in the world

  13. Turtleflames39 dijo:

    Was able to go to the game with my best friend and it was a great game to have been able to watch, exciting season to come.

  14. Jkwann Hamilton dijo:

    Kessie was superb am I the only one who saw that?

  15. Sade dijo:

    That beautiful American crowd… It's something we need to hear at Camp Nou at times.

  16. Red? dijo:

    also pjanic played really well. those first touch passes and through balls were phenomenal

  17. Red? dijo:

    i dont ever wanna see roberto at rightback ever again i had enough of that for 2 seasons

  18. clovis kum dijo:

    Plz any Barca WhatsApp group? Will like to join. Excited to see what the upcoming season has in store.


    xavi made a blunder playing 3 defensive player. all slow ballers

  20. Chris Thomas dijo:

    We can't expect to win every match or play perfect every match but as long as u fight to the very end which we did, while also playing well in most of the match

  21. S B dijo:

    This game showed us how much in need we are for another quality centre back like Konde

  22. Owen Azzo dijo:

    Exciting times ahead ?❤️

  23. Axel Rivas dijo:

    Happy I was able to see barca for the first time ever at this game, I enjoyed every minute, visca barça.

  24. KING LUTHOR dijo:


  25. Kawuki Ronald dijo:

    Our defense is getting balanced very well after signing kounde, Dembele is talented and this is his time to shine.

  26. Manny dijo:

    If you were impressed by Pjanic, you’re a joke. That’s Fdj role, Pjanic won’t perform like that consistently. And he’ll get ran through on the break and misplaces way more passes in a half than Busquests in 2 games. De Jong should play that role. And that’s why I think we won’t sell him. Busquets can’t play more than half of the games this season.

  27. Manny dijo:

    Yeah Depay just isn’t it. He plays better with another Target man or in a back 3 formation like he does for the Dutch. That last chance he looked so awkward striking it. He’s just not a number 9, more of a false 9 playmaker like firmino, dybala. He should leave cause that #9 is for sure Lewas number now.

  28. Joseph Junior dijo:

    Kessie is looking good ?

  29. Shadz Unruly dijo:

    Frenkie needs to play in his usual because he works best in midfield with busquets and pedri and dropping deep to bring up the ball or try to score himself. Im not mad we draw with juve it was a good match. Like tht xavi is experimenting rn and seeing what works rn.

  30. Joseph Junior dijo:

    Dembele for me was barca best player yesterday ?

  31. N I dijo:

    Pjanic can be a great asset , Those line cutting single touch Passes from Pjanic are killers ? I think Xavi should provide him more Chances as Koeman almost never Used Him

  32. Sir_Khobby Smoke dijo:

    Jamie, i plead with you to create a telegram group or channel and keep us updated …My humble request bro

  33. Andrew Thorpe dijo:

    Dembouz cruises on both left/Right side, Raphina cannot be compare with dembouz, dembouz is 4 level a head of Raphina

  34. juan gonzalez dijo:

    Christensen and Garcia CANNOT play together as our CB. Raphinha was a waste of money.

  35. Nathan Gittens dijo:

    Why are we keeping Roberto my god he is finished

  36. Henri M dijo:

    Assuming he stays healthy, what do you predict Dembele will do this season? 15 goals/20 assists in all competitions? How about Raphinia? 20/10 ? Ansu ? 15/5 ? Lewa 30 / 5 ? Imagine being a left back and you have to mark Dembele for 45 minutes, Raphinia for 45 minutes … in the same game. You might be seeing stars by the time tge game is over.

  37. 876 Jay dijo:

    Depay should have won the game jevu scored too easily good game raphii

  38. Ishan P dijo:

    I think Garcia could turn out to be a dud. My man is an amazing passer but seems to be totally unaware and does not have the athleticism to cover for it. Balde tho, looks AMAZING!!

  39. Dennis Lewis dijo:

    Dembele was great, but overall I thought the Barca display was rather disjointed, especially when compared with the recent game against RM. I was really disappointed by Barca's failure to effectively use Lewandowski. They simply did not create enough chances for him. There was a recent article by Graham Hunter on the espn site, which I think is very apt. The article asks "are Barca ready for Lewandowski?" Right now, I'd say the answer is no. At the moment, I'm afraid, they're wasting his prodigious talents.

  40. Ayomikun dijo:

    whatever Xavi is saying about De jong’s situation is cap lol. how can you no start your best midfielder in his position

  41. Jack Axter dijo:

    I still miss messi

  42. Abubacarr Camara dijo:

    Pejeinic has a good game and I wish he continues like that

  43. Barcelona_breeds dijo:

    Dembele LW,
    Lewandozky CF
    Raphinha RW

    Should be our opening starting eleven

  44. lilo 675 dijo:

    I remember when he said barcelona wouldn't choke against liverpool as a barca i was pissed
    I know its random but i was looking at the old videos

  45. Oumar Ofei dijo:

    Hopefully Xavi doesn't ever try what he did in the lineup against Juve again. Pablo Torre should be Pedri's replacement and Nico should be given more minutes in the DM role. Lewy was unlucky but it's clear he will be scoring tons soon! I hope Xavi utilizes what he's got well. Visca Barca!

  46. josh sanders dijo:

    One thing I noticed was the passing in the first half and the first part of the second half. It was clean and there were sparks of tiki taka. It created loads of chances. There was some meh defending on both sides. But the goals were epic! There may have been a tiny bit of luck involved in Keans second goal, but he finished it beautifully. Dembele just riverdanced his way through the defense. What a game!!!

  47. MGL dijo:

    Need Ferran to put pressure on Ansu on the leftside

  48. SOT Myu dijo:

    I was at the game, we all went crazy when dembele scored those 2 goals even Juve fans started to celebrate with us. 10/10 experience

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