¡La Juventus es un desastre! ¡Reacción del partido completo Juventus vs Salernitana!

Juventus vs Salernitana fue un partido feo. Juventus realmente debería haber salido con 3 puntos a pesar de que durante gran parte del juego no se lo merecía. El Var es terrible y la figc odia a la Juve. Nos robaron/ SÍGUEME EN TIKTOK: Sígueme en TWITTER: O INSTAGRAM si gustas: SUB Y LIKE PARA MAS CONTENIDO #juventus #juve #salernitana #milik

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17 respuestas a ¡La Juventus es un desastre! ¡Reacción del partido completo Juventus vs Salernitana!

  1. datcalcioboi dijo:

    What did you guys think of the match?

  2. giorgi kobaidze dijo:

    The First half was very bad, but in the second half Juve was l
    Pretty decent. It's all about referee's and VAR gross mistake. I'm proud that I'm Juventus fan

  3. Jerry Putra dijo:

    Leo was onside! Candreva was standing near Cuadrado's corner.. the VAR did not show it!

  4. Marsel Hoxha dijo:

    Nevermind this . Why nobody is talking about that not given penalty for vlahovic in the second half . Or did nobody see him get tackled in the zone

  5. Marsel Hoxha dijo:

    This is a game we should win 3-0 and not hope to get saved by a 96th min goal . The reefery is awful but it is the team that is not there yet

  6. Luan Sopjan dijo:

    Juve needs 4-5 new players men They had to much old guys in They Team

  7. Tunggul Ametung dijo:

    Juventus please back to serie b soon🙏🏼

  8. Soup-_- dijo:

    Serie A referees have been awful for a Long time now. Not even surprised

  9. Tomas Gomez dijo:

    you were not robbed buddy, you are just being biased

  10. Emanuele Oriani dijo:

    Ref followed the lega calcio's rules, it's not his fault

  11. Igor cruz dijo:

    odd 75

  12. Hh Tt dijo:

    Ten years the reffere gives juve presents and now you cry like a baby

  13. Abdullah Necib dijo:

    Now I've seen it all!! A juve fan complaining about a referee😇

  14. Anthony G dijo:

    Lately everything has been going against Juventus. Love to hear that hahaha. Nice to see things are changing.

  15. dio loopz dijo:


  16. KingZTV dijo:

    Allegri out now and in with tuchel please!

  17. Dave@TurinGiants dijo:

    This match was a tragedy

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