Juventus potencial once inicial 👀 | FC ESPN

El equipo de ESPN FC analiza su posible once inicial para la próxima temporada de la Juventus. —- Suscríbase a ESPN UK: siga a ESPN UK en varias plataformas:

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22 respuestas a Juventus potencial once inicial 👀 | FC ESPN

  1. Mulia Wahyudi dijo:

    the era of moggi & marotta juve was good at buying & selling prices for players accompanied by good achievements.. now achievements are falling and stupid in buying and selling players as well as in player prices.

  2. Frank Munford dijo:

    Glad Pogba baxk !!

  3. Anthony Francesco dijo:

    Rabiot does not start you guys 😂

  4. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    Don't forget Miretti in Midfield.

  5. Jelle dijo:

    They’re gonna win Serie A again

  6. Siddhesh Gothankar dijo:

    This team isnt winning the league when de ligt is possibly leaving for bayern Or Chelsea plus

  7. Suraj Waran dijo:

    Wasnt nicky baldini different?
    Or am i wrong?

  8. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Juve needs new fullbacks so badly.

  9. Shervin Loghmani dijo:


  10. Wake no. dijo:

    Juventus starting to look very good.

  11. Picasso21 dijo:

    Pogba-Locatelli-Zakaria or Mckennie (only in this sense)! Cuadrado is still the first option before Danilo!

  12. Rashneel Walla dijo:

    This is new reporter really fits the mould of a standard loser feminist who ESPN hired just to fill a quota.

  13. Deric Kaby dijo:

    Something is not right here

  14. Arden Ma Rui dijo:

    The wingbacks are still trash. And de light will go, so they need new centre backs

  15. John Kimmel dijo:

    It looks more interesting than recent years.

  16. purple perc dijo:

    ESPN fc thinks every manager in the world operates in a 4-3-3 except conte 😂

  17. rainbowthegod dijo:

    Nicky bandini could walk into that team

  18. Omar D dijo:

    McKennie will end up starting watch he is a midfielder that can do alittle bit of everything

  19. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Inter and Milan have a consistent team and chemistry — this Juve side is still slow and old

  20. Faïssal Sanfo dijo:

    You replace Rabiot with a proper baller and it is a really really good team 🥵🥵

  21. Aldo Bonaso dijo:

    Juve is still going to bring in another strong CB (regardless of whether De Ligt leaves or not) like Koulibaly or Bremer, even if both those would be difficult, we also just bought Cambiaso (good young LB, but probably won't start yet), and we are working on signing Molina at RB too. Also we will bring in Zaniolo almost certainly, and will try for a backup striker to cover for Vlahovic, as well as a few more signings if we get rid of some deadwood like Ramsey (Kostic for example), possibly even sell Rabiot for a player like Paredes (though I'm not sure this is a wise decision). This is going to be a very busy end to the transfer window for Juve. Excited to see how the new team looks and gels this season!

  22. Arian H dijo:

    Pogba – Zakaria – Locatelli
    Need new center backs and full backs. Still have no clue why we sold Cancelo

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