Nagelsmann TENIENDO UNA PRUEBA en el antiguo club de De Ligt, Juventus?! 🍿 | FC ESPN

El equipo de ESPN FC analiza los comentarios de Julian Nagelsmann sobre lo difíciles que son las sesiones de entrenamiento del Bayern Munich y cómo se filtraron de regreso a Italia. #ESPNFC #BayernMunich #Bayern #Bundesliga ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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20 respuestas a Nagelsmann TENIENDO UNA PRUEBA en el antiguo club de De Ligt, Juventus?! 🍿 | FC ESPN

  1. Andy Golding dijo:

    bayern clearly trained so much harder than Juve that bayern also got knocked out by Villarreal. Give yourself a pat on the back now Nagglesclown

  2. Anthony Chitic dijo:

    Nagelsmann takes to many jibes. Clearly feeling the pressure right now

  3. EMST3N dijo:

    Ok how long ago when an italian club won the champions league?

  4. Issue_IT_Out dijo:

    3:10 🤦🏽💔… This guy is always talking nonsense 🤦🏽

  5. benny Hampton dijo:

    This says more of de Ligts lack of effort more than anything. Hes a professional athlete that apparently doesn't work out hard on his on. His statement includes his own personal workouts. He was also teammates with Ronaldo, why not workout with him if he wanted to be pushed more? Ultimately, every professional athletes fitness comes down to their own level of intensity when they train.

  6. Noor A. dijo:

    Lol. Both need to focus on themselves to be better player and better coach. When Juventus give De Ligt more training he got sick and injured and when he came back from injury he start playing volleyball so he is the last person need to give an opinion.

  7. Alex B dijo:

    Juve fan here ! Nagelsmann can kiss our black and white spot !

  8. Furyaner dijo:

    This is so funny from a German perspective that is ignored that the player is actually said the player super nice work people her since the best sports journalism just ignore that the player said thumbs up

  9. Paul Tandy dijo:

    Moreno makes my ears bleed.

  10. Loris Blasi Pako dijo:

    Wt Is he waffling about🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Fastbreak08 dijo:

    FCB fan 46 years……..
    This dude Naglesman is hype……
    You had our guys all season last year and aside from the work ethic and culture Flick already imposed……
    We lost to a “ Yellow Submarine”
    Julian is under pressure because he’s not qualified …not good enough… be at the helm of FCB….
    That fake confidence is arrogance and I do not see him lasting another full season…

  12. Giacomo Nobili dijo:

    Parla troppo in Italia stava dentro una fossa

  13. Flo Theisen dijo:

    Funny how this is taken in foreign media. in german, my native language, that came across as a statement that de ligt is not quite fit yet combined with a tongue in cheeck comment that in italy you have a good life/good food ect. I don't actually think he knew this was taken as an 'attack'. maybe it's naive of him to comment more cheeky like this and with experience he'll learn what is taken how.

  14. Federico Esse dijo:

    I hope Juve will meet Bayern in CL, let's see then…..

  15. Nyasha Sithole dijo:

    I like naggelsman he speaks wat feels even its controversial i feel like football is fillled with fake interviews becoz fans cant take a real opinion

  16. FWC dijo:

    I can only say that every time Germans made the mistake of talking s*** about Italians, it always ended badly for the Germans one way or another…
    Nagelamann is young, he probably is still to spontaneous and sometimes arrogant…for now he still can't afford that!

  17. Lazy Fingers dijo:

    yes Bayern physical is WAY , MILES AHEAD OF MANY TEAMS . you don't believe, LOOK WHAT THEY DID WITH Davies, Lewy, Goretzka etc
    This is just eSpNl HATING ON THE BUNDESLIGA AND BAYERN as usual ….

  18. P M dijo:

    I keep saying it, Juventus is trash, not serie A, Juventus.

  19. T'Challa dijo:

    Nagelsmann has been talking spicy recently. I’m chalking it down to him being young. He wasn’t successful as a player so he’s feeling cool now. He needs press training.

  20. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    Or maybe the Dutch Harry McGuire that you spent all that money on is lazy…

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