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32 respuestas a La Juventus sigue siendo un trabajo en progreso – Gab Marcotti | FC ESPN

  1. Cote01 dijo:

    juve need to play a 352 with the players they have until chiesa gets back. it just makes complete sense and literally EVERY player in their lineup would be in a situation that suits their strengths.

  2. Haun Khalil dijo:

    This seasons between Milan and juve. I don’t understand why people are underestimating Milan , they’ve built on there scudetto winning squad with some young talents and from the first game players like Brahim and rebic are showing up big time who didn’t play that big a role last season. Juve have made excellent signings and we are a different animal with Chiesa but even without him rn we look pretty strong except our lb of course.

  3. elmairkdfienfbfmdk7678 dijo:

    Juve Need Two player lb and RB they had It in Spinazzola and cancelo but sold them😆

  4. Aakash Tiwari dijo:

    I think Gab has got his prediction spot on

  5. DIP305 dijo:

    coming for that no1 spot forzajuve

  6. Mihai Pasztor dijo:

    Forza Juve

  7. Akshay Keny dijo:

    As usual, Milan is always underrated. I'm happy, we'll again surprise. Forza Milan 🔥 🔥

  8. Amer Shershara dijo:


  9. Dieter Hofner dijo:

    Roma needs top 4 this season if not Mourinho will get the boot last season they spent as much as arsenal and went from 7th in serie a to 6th this time around he needs to go 4th minimum.

  10. Alireza Saliani dijo:

    nobody's acknowledging the fact that Milan's young energetic players have gotten more experienced than last year and know each other a little better now. the players we added have the quality to improve the level of the squad. the only thing we need now is a backup defender for Tomori and Kalulu, someone athletic who is also good in the air. if that is fulfilled then I'd say Milan will win the league comfortably. Juve and Inter signed good players but they have chaos in their teams.

  11. EH 1995 dijo:

    Seria A is arguably the most interesting league rn, there doesn’t seem to be a clear favourite like other leagues

  12. eggscape 07 dijo:

    Roma Inter for first juve milan for third but they both have their work cut out to stay ahead

  13. italo_scemo dijo:

    I think Juve will play with a back 3. It’s the only way to hide the fact that they don’t have a quality LB and that way you can have Kostic and Cuadrado on the wings

  14. Simba Charles dijo:

    This is not a farmers league

  15. Karabo Mafa dijo:

    We don't mind being the underdogs even though we are defending champions. Forza Milan 🖤 ❤️

  16. Mo Juve dijo:

    Forza juve

  17. FORZA INTER dijo:

    Why people think the league will be competitive I have no idea Milan has done nothing to help there attack juve midfielders are still trash even with Pogba who hasn't been good sense he left juve Roma defender are dreadful if inter doesn't lose skrinnar we will be bring back 10 of the 11 players who finished second with more fire power in lukaku up front FORZAINTER

  18. Snitch55 dijo:

    Pogba, Di Maria, Kostic, Bremer, possibly Depay and Paredes aaaand a the new left back- i would say good job Juve.

  19. Snitch55 dijo:

    I really love it that no one is predicting for Juve to win the championship.

  20. Shuvam Sinha dijo:

    Roma for Jose Mourinho 🤟🏻

  21. Michael Raso dijo:

    Juve will win the league!

  22. Michael Mugo dijo:

    Roma to win scudetto

  23. john doe dijo:

    What a bad line up you put up for Juve. You guys know anything about the Juve players or what? Its seems not.

  24. Elton Bacaj dijo:

    Inter was the best team last year as well, Inzaghi made some bad decisions that costed the league. With Lukaku back this year and Inzaghi having the experience of coaching a big team I think inter will take no problem.

  25. Riza Moriza dijo:

    As long Max Allegri in there Juve will be keep Work In Progress ! You can debate all you want but another coaches already prove that it's not very hard to make Juve suffer last season . Yeah even Igor Tudor outclass him

  26. Omar Mo dijo:

    Juventus will play Kostic LW or LWB if a back 3. No way Di Maria is playing on the right and Alex Sandro is out of the lineup. Fagioli won't start because Paredes will come in with Depay to bolster the attack most likely. This lineup was made by a Juve hater, simple.

  27. Phil dijo:

    Juve will be champion! When Chiesa,Vlahovic,Pogba,Di Maria, and Locattelli click! that would be dangerous for any team

  28. Vince S dijo:

    juve will win.

  29. Maldini and Del Piero dijo:

    Gab is partially right but he has a very negative spin as an inter fan.

  30. Germain Stanislaus dijo:

    Gab have been hoping for inter to win the title from since last year but guess wat I won't happen

  31. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Gab is an Interista. He's heavily biased

  32. Chris Gray dijo:

    I'm rooting for Roma

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