‘¡Retirarse en el TOP!’ ¿Por qué Cristiano Ronaldo no se retiró tras dejar la Juventus? | FC ESPN

Stewart Robson de ESPN FC se une a Julien Laurens en el Gab & Juls Show para discutir la transferencia de Cristiano Ronaldo a Al-Nassr. Suscríbase a ESPN UK: siga a ESPN UK en varias plataformas:

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47 respuestas a ‘¡Retirarse en el TOP!’ ¿Por qué Cristiano Ronaldo no se retiró tras dejar la Juventus? | FC ESPN

  1. sam croner dijo:

    Money money money

  2. Chhuanliana pisces dijo:

    ronaldo move to al nassr,,,,, still big tho… 🤣 …
    he support asia continent so whats the problem with that…. 🤣😂

  3. José Pedro dijo:

    These idiots said a few weeks ago that Messi should go to Miami and retire, now say this? These idiots are the reason he left. Enough is enough. When his teams lose its his fault, when the win it wanst. 17 years of this bullshit. That is why he is the best ever. No one could have taken what he did and that is also the reason why he has so much fans. Cause people could see the persecution he had to deal with. And nowmhe had enough. He is far from perfect. A lot of mistakes. But the other misses the target to and the media hides it. For 17 years, only some argentin press would say the truth. Enough is enough

  4. Jelle dijo:

    He was still at the top last season

  5. ArcticMonkey dijo:

    Hes doing what he wants to do. He has nothing left to prove to anyone.

  6. Zackson Ekke dijo:

    🐐 4ever……

  7. PMB dijo:

    I think its his playstyle that's not suited with today's tactics (especially in european clubs) where a playmaker/more than just a goal scorer is more effective.

  8. Model Win dijo:

    This was a waste I'm a Ronaldo fan but this was disappointing to hear considering his net worth is $600 million surely he didn't need the money honestly this just makes him look greedy and like the whole reason he didn't do the Piers Morgan interview was because he thought they weren't paying him enough this is tragic

  9. Lincoln Simon dijo:

    Pierce Morgan gonna say that Ronaldo is better than Messi because his Saudi contract is the most lucrative contract in the world

  10. Waleed Alsiraji dijo:

    Fantastic offer new experience great club why people here love him why retire !?

  11. Free Speech dijo:

    The answer is greed.

  12. ABC dijo:

    I know he has loads of cash, and I me being Portuguese I am disappointed he didn’t sacrifice the wages for a year or so and go to Sporting … then go to Saudi Arabia .. as I’m sure this offer would of still been on the table in 12-18months .. then again 200m a year can you blame him 😂

  13. Simon Lobe dijo:

    Will you give him food to eat

  14. Nick Magar dijo:

    These Ohio mfs keep craving attention

  15. Nick Magar dijo:

    Who are these midgets to talk about him ?

  16. Amr Asfour dijo:

    Because he is a bi### from day 1 , a shemale from madera .

  17. Adom Weldeyohannes dijo:

    Why you sad . CR7 is 37 . 500 million dollar for 2and half year contract. You have to sad for your self. Pundits. Kikikiki 😂😂

  18. JustAdreamer Forgood dijo:

    There's apparently a clause in his contract that he can go to Newcastle on loan next season if they make the top 4 this season 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Both Newcastle and Al Nassr are Saudi Arabian🇸🇦 owned clubs

  19. Paranormal Basement. dijo:

    Hes going back to his original roots.Finally he have found home .. and can open a gas station in his 2nd home in Cape Verde.3rd home was Madeira but all was paid with money stolen from hard working white poor people from the north.
    Other crooks farmed with stolen money from white poor people in Portugal that are millionaires now .
    All blacks playing football .The gypsy Quaresma former Sporting.porto.chelsea ,inter milan and its believed that he and his mega large families still live in free council houses around Lisbon known as NO GO ZONES.

  20. Mr. Pineapple 94 dijo:

    I don't think there is a problem with the move itself…he's nearing the end of his career it happens to everyone…but always saying he's still the best on social media..going on interviews made it seem silly…if people had problem it's with him hyping himself up and then making this move to Al Nassr.

  21. arthur7 dijo:

    He wants world cup for Portugal

  22. _______________s dijo:

    “Retires when you’re at the top, at your very best”, what no 😂 that doesn’t make a lot of sense tbh. He still wanted to accomplish more things Portugal too so stupid argument

  23. Bolbii TP dijo:

    Cristiano Ronaldo will surely score a ton a goals in 2023, win the league & the UEFA champions League if Al Nasser keep playing the way they have been for the last couple of years.
    Cristiano Ronaldo is amongst top 3 in the BalonD’Or this year. FIFA should give it to him, well deserved

  24. El-Bomber_Harazi dijo:

    ESPN thinks MLS is better than Saudi league 😂😂😂😂

  25. B4D Media dijo:

    He did not retire yet .

  26. Anurag Dandekar dijo:

    Good riddance

  27. Ndung Ako Forbinake dijo:

    Ronaldo should have taken a paycut and stayed at Juventus

  28. CR 7th(legend) dijo:

    Some guys think Europe league is only exist in this worlds… Means other leagues is not league…such a shameful manipulation

  29. shubhajit kotal dijo:

    He is not just a football player he is a very smart businessman as well you know

  30. A G dijo:

    I’m 30 now you think I care about money, cr7

    🇸🇦: hold my oil

  31. OverratedSanity dijo:

    I don't like the concept of retiring on top. I get it makes for a fairytale story for people to latch on to, but I have a lot of admiration for sportsmen who just keep playing and try to wring every little bit of remaining quality out of their body to try and win.

    Obviously Ronaldo going to saudi to make bank is different tho.

  32. hammerhead1 dijo:

    Because he's getting about 170 million a season…why would he retire lol

  33. Pure Unblemished dijo:

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. Cristiano could've left with honor and dignity at the end of the season. Would've received a loving farewell from the ManU fans and the club and become a folk hero there. But he let his ego decide and went for that scandalous interview. Got thrown out of the club and got benched while playing for his country at the WC. That interview and his on field antics ensured no other club in Europe would want him. He became a pariah and irrelevant for major football clubs and Cristiano finally had to leave for Saudi Arabia to play football. What a sad ending to such an illustrious career.

  34. Carlos Castillo dijo:

    He called me and said hes going back to the top leagues after this contract hes not yet finished.😈

  35. OddsJet dijo:

    Why are you so thick? 200M per year. You are insane. Your opinion is so bad it should never have been shared. Fairy tail.

  36. Reu RU dijo:

    I’m fully glad he’s gonna make a lot of money but I’m very very sad to see him go there. I really wish he could’ve gone to some European team n play till at least end of the season. It’s just sad to see him end up there now
    But it’s great, go make some millions ..you deserve it

  37. Dominic Mellor dijo:

    Pele ended his career at NY Cosmos, George Best at Brisbane Lions, Stevie Gerrard at LA Galaxy, Wayne Rooney at Derby County, Xavi at El Sadd, Iniesta at Vissel Kobe … we still remember all these players as legends. What is the big deal if CR7 decides to go to Saudi Arabia at 38 years of age?

  38. Hi MyNameIs dijo:

    I Love this Show.
    Not the typical journalism vomit you get from ESPN always a fair honest point of view that’s respectable.

  39. jor sam dijo:

    It's no wonder he went to Al Nassr, I think it was mostly to avoid fools like this. I guess being 3rd in PL on scoring meant you're washed up

  40. -l- dijo:

    "I will be the greatest camel racer of all time here in the deserts of Saudi Arabia".
    – Cameltiano Camelnaldo

  41. Pylian PENBAPPE dijo:

    Penaldo going to live with georgina in saudi, hmm and they are not even married. How will Saudi react to that 👀

  42. VB23 dijo:

    Nobody minds him going to Saudi at age 38.. lol

    But why did he lie that he cares more about glory than money tho? Amongst many other things he lied..

    The piers interview proved that CR7 is full of BS..

  43. Ubaid Malik dijo:

    You all will sell your mom if someone offered you even 1/4 of amount he has been offered.

  44. selkay dijo:

    Guys relax he 'll be back his on vacation
    He 'll be back in europe🇵🇹💯

  45. LeBron Fan Jones dijo:

    I don’t blame him. However I do blame and find it ridiculous how some, if not most, of his fans are somehow turning this into a Win. It just isn’t

  46. Christian Two2 dijo:

    I bet you that Team will destroy PSG on the 19th of January , they play good attacking football…

  47. Jonnie dijo:

    Come on espn, what would you have done if he retired after leaving juve. You would have to shut down your whole channel because you wouldn't have any content

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