¿Es Marcus Thuram la solución para la Juventus? ‘¡Tengo mis dudas!’ | FC ESPN

Janusz Michallik de ESPN FC explica por qué cree que la mudanza propuesta a la Juventus para Marcus Thuram puede no ser lo mejor para el club italiano. Suscríbase a ESPN UK: siga a ESPN UK en varias plataformas:

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11 respuestas a ¿Es Marcus Thuram la solución para la Juventus? ‘¡Tengo mis dudas!’ | FC ESPN

  1. Livnorium420 dijo:

    Thuram’s best option is man utd

  2. Rashid Ali dijo:

    13 goals this season

  3. Rashid Ali dijo:

    Come to man utd

  4. Febian dijo:

    I don't think thuram should go to Juventus because they already have enough striker. I bet Juventus might want him because he is cheap signing in january and looking to sell him again in the summer (just like zakaria)

  5. Jean-Christ Djelhi Yahot dijo:

    His best games were a few years ago he is only 25 what years is he taking about? He has 10 goals and 3 assists in 15 bundesliga mathces this season. They really haven’t seen much of him this is actually his best season.

  6. Triple X dijo:

    Marcus Thuram with his body can guard Juve in jail 🤣

  7. Zechs Siguro dijo:

    So Thuram goes to Juve
    So Arsenal can Get Vlahovic….O_O
    I'm hoping by his decision, seeing Liver get Cody for 37 is unsettling, as we apparently want to pay 60 for a winger, when a KILLER Striker is what we 'NEED'

    NB: but Arteta is right to guard his te from mercenaries…like I said, I hope he chooses Arsenal this time, if not, we,'ll find A qual 1, who loves the club!

  8. ThirdEye dijo:

    To keep them company on jail or amateur football?

  9. Mike Jones dijo:

    Thuram should be a main target for PSG

  10. Juventus Teacher of Ball dijo:

    the solution is a new manager

  11. Maharaja Ramzan dijo:

    nobody can save that dumpster fire

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