Debut de Paul Pogba con Juventus vs Chivas Guadalajara (23/7/2022)

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21 respuestas a Debut de Paul Pogba con Juventus vs Chivas Guadalajara (23/7/2022)

  1. SA dijo:

    Glad he's gone.. He holds the ball a bit too long and that's what he did at Utd.. All about him. Utd are much better with Eriksen/Casimero.

  2. Baye Modou Thiaw dijo:

    Bon retour

  3. Ma1q dijo:

    Manchester is trash

  4. Tage Che dijo:

    Gets injured, comes back and his team gets deducted 15 points, karma for you 💀

  5. shyeamalan manimaran dijo:

    he wasnt gone. he was always there. injuries halted him and also they played a pure central midfielder who controls the game with his creativity into a defensive midfielder in united which also halted his previous top form

  6. Dechen wangmo dijo:

    Wish he was at man utd

  7. Hasan dijo:

    is this where he got injured?

    hasn't played since – its been over 3 months

    and now he's missing the world cup

  8. Ben Serkowski dijo:

    Damm can honestly say this player is a rare talent shit he went to united and it ruined him. He could of been the next zidane (more meaning player of that stature)

  9. Chris Dingley dijo:

    i wish he moved back 4 years ago

  10. Michael Ledger dijo:


  11. adu dijo:

    He's still got it 😎

  12. Kimmy Cool dijo:

    Now juventus 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. mateu lahoz dijo:

    Where's now bogpa

  14. Aaaa Bbbb dijo:

    This wasn’t his debut 🤦‍♂️

  15. dRbaldi Channel dijo:


  16. SAZALI dijo:

    EPL is very high standard leagues so pogba is not to that standard yet. The Italian league is different the tempo and momentum of the game are a bit slower .

  17. Mabar dijo:

    Pogba nyetel sm juve

  18. SAMCRO JR. dijo:

    Judas 555+

  19. Marques Chaney dijo:

    Man’s vision is on another level🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. K.ALI dijo:

    Even at his worst United games he has better highlights than this and yet u guys saying he's back lmao definitely didn't watch this fraud play for United

  21. K.ALI dijo:

    Everyone in this comment section are making laugh lol the man is doing nothing different or playing different then the way he played for United u doughnuts lmao maybe because most of u don't watch us play because if u did u would know he's doing init great here and what he always does in the prem. He's just inconsistent and makes too many mistakes in certain games

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