MENTALIDAD DE ASEDIO de Juventus vs. Atalanta – Don Hutchison | FC ESPN

En ESPN FC, Don Hutchison resume la gran remontada de la Juventus en un empate 3-3 contra Atalanta.#ESPNFC #juventus Suscríbete a ESPN UK: sigue a ESPN UK en varias plataformas:

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14 respuestas a MENTALIDAD DE ASEDIO de Juventus vs. Atalanta – Don Hutchison | FC ESPN

  1. sean dijo:

    Lookman and Osimeh – Nigerians, If Nigeria qualifies for the 2023 AFCON, and both players make the team, Africa watch out.

  2. Robert Poenaru dijo:

    True, Seria A is full of goals in the past 2 years

  3. Fantacalcio dijo:

    The Espn Fc channel also has more subscribers than the Espn uk channel so it would really help to also put content like this on the FC channel
    Would really appreciate it as a calcio fan thanks guys

  4. Fantacalcio dijo:

    Serie A is struggling financially compared to the EPL calcio fans need all the support we can get we’re loosing a lot of players as a result of not enough money to keep the players in the league
    Inter Milan in the coming months is set to loose a lot of great players

  5. Fantacalcio dijo:

    I’m noticing positive content towards serie A isn’t always making the Espn FC channel and gets placed on to the Espn UK channel which is great but that UK market is very hard to grow in
    I’d really appreciate more content like this on the Espn FC channel to target the American market
    Keep up the great work guys love your channels

  6. Fantacalcio dijo:

    Hey guys love the panel , just wanted to suggest if you guys could put content like this on the espn FC channel
    Serie A needs help growing in the USA market the, the UK market is very hard for the league to grow in as a result of the prestigious EPL

  7. Giancarlo Giambarresi dijo:

    Thanks Don well said.

  8. Dennis Freeman dijo:

    I still don't understand why Allegri plays a back five and only one of the five is a center back…on another note Ademola Lookman is really showing his quality this year

  9. Tan S dijo:

    Juventus has Talents among their squad. For which Liverpool may pursue Chiesa

  10. MS dijo:

    Juventus doesnt have a defense since Chiellini retired.

  11. Skreapy_21 dijo:

    ESPN praising Juventus's fightback spirit, that's unusual!

  12. LabGorilla dijo:

    Atalanta must be absolutely gutted to have lost points to a mid table team.

  13. Vincenzo Riccio dijo:

    Thank you Don, always has good things to say about serie a cos he actually watches it. If people who don't watch it actually did, would realise it's the most entertaining, most tactical, and most dramatic. And of course, it doesn't get talked about a lot, not cos it's bad, but media like espn ram prem down our throats hours of content. Meanwhile, serie a 1 min videos. Don't sleep on serie a 💯

  14. Arturo Arizmendi dijo:


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