¿Se podría anular la deducción de 15 puntos de la Juventus? | Gab y Julio | FC ESPN

Julien Laurens de ESPN FC se une a Gab Marcotti en el Gab & Juls Show para explicar por qué la deducción de 15 puntos de la Juventus podría anularse. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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12 respuestas a ¿Se podría anular la deducción de 15 puntos de la Juventus? | Gab y Julio | FC ESPN

  1. ICz dijo:

    Juls gallina 🐔

  2. Starpromoter dijo:

    Gab please inform yourself better. this is the only way you can oppone on the sport court. Of course they could do better but the sportscourt has no other ways to do it.

  3. Rheinhardt Graf von Thiesenhausen dijo:

    Hoping like he’ll the glazers sell to Qatar so PSG will become the backwater it’s always been and we can finally see the back of this absolute pisstake of social media journalist

  4. mike capi dijo:

    If city can do it’s okay so can Juve

  5. rayado 26 dijo:


  6. Тоня Заліська dijo:

    This may be irrelevant but Donnarumma is overrated ever since he was at AC Milan. How they got rid of Navas for him is a mystery to me

  7. Waxel Foley dijo:

    Still waiting on Gab to discuss how currupt his belovered Inter are…..

  8. Paul Marcel dijo:

    I'm so opportuned irrespective of the economic crisis and financial conditions I am still able to earn $33,500 returns from my initial $6,500 every 10days

  9. Eternal Peace dijo:

    when will barca be penalised for buying refs?

  10. D' Notorious dijo:

    corruption really destroy seria a football

  11. Trung Nguyễn Tài dijo:

    Europa League is very important for Juventus! Juventus must win Europa League & go straight to Champions League next season!

  12. RayoArgento17 dijo:

    Biggest cheats in world football. This is nothing new for the Agnellis. Another cheating scandal means nothing to these crooks

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