Gab Marcotti detalla la reducción de 15 puntos de la Juventus | FC ESPN

El equipo de ESPN FC reacciona ante la deducción de 15 puntos de Juventus por parte de la corte italiana y lo que significa para Juventus en el futuro. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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33 respuestas a Gab Marcotti detalla la reducción de 15 puntos de la Juventus | FC ESPN

  1. DevilintheBelfry dijo:

    This is something that has been running rampant in European Football for at least the last 10 years. Look at how the price of players inflated to leves that don't make sense. We have players all over Europe with outrageous price tags and this is not new. Juve did not do this alone….it's a travesty to assume that ONLY Juve are guilty of such capital gains.

  2. Peter Krizovnik dijo:

    Super League:)

  3. John Slyfield dijo:

    Juventus about to be relegated to series c

  4. R. Riverdance dijo:

    Lol juve so crooked. Leopards never change their spots

  5. EZeee dijo:

    Typical useless Italian judiciary. Slap the club with 100m fine. Don’t deduct points. The players did nothing wrong!!!

  6. Wilson23 dijo:

    thanks to decline of Juve Serie A have now some resemblance of title race. even though both Inter and Milan are quite inferior to Juve in terms of squad quality and resources. these additional problems for Juve means bad news for Serie A as well. Inter and Milan cant keep their players and will lose them to EPL midtable anyway. and both Inter and Milan have financial issues themselves.

  7. Omar Avila dijo:

    They ruined race at the top, how does finance books have anything to do do with losing five games. Serie a should also do the same type of investigation on all nine teams that did this systematic problem it takes two teams for this to work and there are no laws against

  8. Meester_James dijo:

    Thank you Gabs for the analogy, I think this does make sense now.

    For all you people who still don't get it, I listened to it a few times. Don't trash it just because it didn't click the first time. The fact this had to be uncovered means it was well disguised

  9. HS S dijo:

    Since Juve bought Ronaldo for 100m and on top paying him around 400k a week for 3 years has financially detrimented them which lead to Juve inflating the numbers on their books

  10. Sebastian Jackson dijo:

    Juventus is such a trashy club. In 1996 they won the CL by taking doping. In 2006 they were demoted to the Serie B for corruption, and now this.

  11. Chris dijo:

    there was a time when people played football. now its all about money and stupid sideshows.

  12. Marcelo83 dijo:

    La Cosa Nostra Juve up to naughty things again eh?

  13. m.c 1 dijo:

    Old same old cheating juventus 🤣.In USA a club like that,with all that cheats, would have already been banned long ago.

  14. TheVinci19 dijo:

    Don't let yourselves be fooled by Juventus's speakers. They are, were, always be, a savage bunch of cheaters, they are used to bribe referees, make up accounting books, and generally acting in the less sport manners anyone can think about. Sometimes they're are caught with their hands in the jam jar, and try to defend accusing everyone to do the same; but, THEY, have 'won' nine championship in a row, not the others teams; THEY keep on 'winning' italian Serie A, and never manage to get a Champions League. We say, 'till the border', we mean that Juventus can pretend to be a huge team only in Italy, because in a real competition, where referees and organization don't protect them, they, always, LOSE.

  15. Rasta dijo:

    Mudryk defects to Russia

  16. Chris Maginess dijo:

    If there was other team's involved, why was Juventus the only team to be punished?

  17. triptic99 dijo:

    Oh yes, from the unbiased mouth of Gab Marcotti. Was Massimo Moratti busy that day?

  18. CK Romulus s11and dijo:

    another nail for the serie a coffin ,

  19. Ben So dijo:

    Barcelona Pjanic-Arthur melo swap deal was also suspicious

  20. David Doran dijo:

    It's all about money now don't care anymore

  21. Travis Andrew dijo:

    Woah…this is nuts….wonder how many other clubs are doing this as well….

  22. Zach Taylor dijo:

    Everyone vs Juve 🎉

  23. Marian Chicago dijo:

    What has changed between last judgement and this, Juventus kept pushing for the superleague and the Judges are probably big fans of Serie A.

  24. colin hardacre dijo:

    Second time FFP infringement ? to my knowledge. Recidivist club ? Why aren't they playing in Serie C next year ?

  25. Ezekiel Hart dijo:

    Another Juventus scandal. Goodness me

  26. Late to the Party Gaming dijo:

    you don't have to pretend – Craig Burley🤣🤣🤣

  27. moneyindabank dijo:

    Gab is horrible. Can’t watch him at all.

  28. Justifiable Doubt dijo:

    The most ridiculous thing in all this mess is that almost every juve supporter was caught unprepared. That's because the Gazzetta and all other toilet papers that are very close to the three teams with stripes never spoke about this issue. Even though, they knew exactly what was going on all these years, and what was about to happen, which is basically unmasking a corrupt and rotten system that allowed Juve to win inland but look like fools in Europe.

  29. DzNutzOnFyre dijo:

    One club punished for sales yet there has to be another party to complete a sale. 🤔

  30. Yusuf Dandashe dijo:

    Gab , you should say 2 or 10 million for the fiscal period of the club.

  31. Mark 1 dijo:

    ESPN is a corrupt tv station. It is discriminating in its news. Several thousands of sports fans have banned ESPN as it is not a serious and diligent sports tv channel.

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