Juventus no está completamente fuera de peligro por tener puntos revocados – Gab Marcotti | FC ESPN

Gab Marcotti se une a Kay Murray en ESPN FC para hablar sobre la suspensión de la penalización de 15 puntos de la Juventus en espera de un nuevo juicio. Con los puntos que se sumaron de nuevo a su total, Juventus ahora es tercero en la tabla de la Serie A. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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26 respuestas a Juventus no está completamente fuera de peligro por tener puntos revocados – Gab Marcotti | FC ESPN

  1. Moriza Nova dijo:

    This is just showing how stupid FIGC was . You can`t just decide to striping point in middle of season Not sure what motivate them doing in mid instead in the end of season . And the most clown thing ever happen is their "mighty mouse" decision easily overturned in the same season . What a joke !!

  2. kaw kaw dijo:

    What is going on? When did they get penalty by 15 points taken away ?why ? If they are guilty of something then why giving back points? Fucin.. too much corruption in football.

  3. roos EE dijo:

    Barca pay refs no one cares juve buy players 15 pions deduction 😅

  4. Marlon Blade dijo:


  5. CIC dijo:

    "Italian Job" literally 😅

  6. Mr Socrates dijo:

    Ahh the classic Rubentus

  7. Dynamic Dybala dijo:

    Can we stop with the anti Juve agenda? Always negative news, if any, and ofc no mention of being in the semis..

  8. Neffalum dijo:

    This is proof that italian football is corrupted

  9. Niranjan Rathod dijo:

    Will any club ever be punished for anything these days?

  10. OlioliOxinfree dijo:

    Juve committed Corporate financial fraud. They're gonna start next season with a -50 points penalty, if they aren't sent to the Serie B in the summer.

  11. Ben Ferns dijo:

    How can a rule say 15 points suspension

  12. Ben Ferns dijo:

    The Joke in Series A, comedy show is On, they finding it difficult to decide, money speaks

  13. matt dijo:

    Juve merda

  14. RH dijo:

    So Barcelona brag about winning la liga but got eliminated from Champions and Europa league, meanwhile, two of the italian clubs in the semi finals aren't even in top 4 lmao. Winning domestic leagues do not matter. Champions league is what matters the most in club football.

  15. Avi Kellerman dijo:

    Milan and Inter will be extra motivated to win the UCL as that might be the only way they can qualify for the competition next season assuming Roma don't drop out of 4th spot. Roma can also win the Europa League to book automatic qualification for UCL. Gonna be interesting to see how it finishes. Personally I'd love to see 5 Italian teams in UCL next season as it boosts the chances of Serie A having another good season in Europe.

  16. Kreese2008 dijo:

    Disgusting for the league to allow cheaters to cheat. Juve should be facing automatic relegation to Serie B and a transfer ban until they get promoted again!

  17. Alexandre Nabais dijo:

    They unfairly got their points back and they robbed vs sporting tonight. JUVE MAFIA

  18. Stop, Drop & Roll dijo:

    Serie A is so corrupt and in Juventus' pocket!

  19. Marc R dijo:

    Let's all remember that Sc Freiburg was cheated out of the Europa League against Juve.

  20. D U dijo:

    I think Juve should be banned from European competition next’s season!! That is now the reasonable punishment!!

  21. Kimble Cheat dijo:


  22. Severin Lourenco dijo:

    Italian Serie A is a joke, so much corruption.

  23. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    F the FIGC

  24. Charles Apana dijo:

    Interesting development

  25. Quasar Ki dijo:

    Juventus rightly got their points back. Serie A corrupt from back to front and it's a shame.

  26. MrDboydeluxe dijo:

    Wonder how much money it took to pay off whoever needed paying off. Similar to ManCity 3 or 4 years ago, stuff the pockets equals getting the result ya need.

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