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48 respuestas a JUVENTUS 1-1 INTER | DESTACADOS | COPPA ITALIA 22/23 ⚫🔵🇬🇧

  1. Robert Mölders dijo:

    Inter = Shit

  2. Eddoi Wern dijo:

    bene dietro la schiena… Forza Inter Sempre!

  3. Recb Bsim dijo:

    He is back

  4. Ayah_Mia 2020 dijo:


  5. Adir Erco dijo:

    something in the team because today's match was dark for the attackers. I can't stand this decadence of the players anymore. Lukaku expulsion was ridiculous.

  6. aeucn usio dijo:

    Forza Romelu

  7. Abdou ba dijo:


  8. syuhada zarkoni dijo:

    Leg 2 wajib untuk suporter inter. Untuk bersiul di sepanjang menit. Untuk pemain Juve yg sedang pegang bola…wajib

  9. سبحان الله وبحمده dijo:

    Forza inter❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. M.s dijo:

    in other videos you could hear monkey noises and juventini screaming scimmia di merda which means monkey. the league should review the situation sanctions are needed, this has to stop

  11. patrick mungala dijo:

    Why the red card for Lukaku?

  12. Allan Van Roechoudt dijo:

    WTF!!!! Lukaku was insulted for all the game by those bloody racist! His goal celebration is not offensive at all and he received a yellow card. This world is crazy!!!!
    Romelu, I love you, keep strong you are the best

  13. Mohammed Joudeh dijo:

    Does the coppa Italia apply the away goal rule ?

  14. Marko David dijo:

    Forza Inter.

  15. Reza Powter0 dijo:


  16. مکنزی dijo:

    Free my nigga Lukaku

  17. Majid Wildanun dijo:

    Forza Inter….

  18. héritier Masaka malin génie dijo:

    Lukaku says the rwandeses killing my people congolese in east of Congo 🇨🇩

  19. tanaka tan dijo:

    Mbok e ancokkk lukaku

  20. Techdidak dijo:

    Respect for Lukaku and Handa. Hope they get justice

  21. Keluarga Bahagia dijo:

    Disgusting racist

  22. Meifrans Tulangow dijo:

    Inter pasti menang leg 2 forza Inter

  23. Muhammad Kamil dijo:

    No Racism #

  24. Rival Derby dijo:

    Lumayan imbang daripada kalah

  25. سامي dijo:

    فورزا إنتر 🔵⚫

  26. mido cap dijo:

    صلوا على سيدنا محمد 💙 يا مشجعين الانتر ❤

  27. Perth Luxury dijo:

    For as long as clans like the Ndrangheta keep paying people like Infantino and co, to do nothing, about the rampant racism in Italian Football, then why do we expect anything to change, let alone, the behaviour to be stamped out?!?!?

  28. John M dijo:

    Suspend the racist ref. Sanction Juve for their fans. They can throw insults but when they get clapped back they whine about it? Cry babies

  29. Ivan K dijo:

    The most ridiculous red card 🟥

  30. thabiso mbingo dijo:

    That red card waa racist

  31. Julien De Coster dijo:

    Racism again

  32. Real Bro dijo:

    It's Italy…it's what they are!! 🤡🤡🤡

  33. Christophe Janssen dijo:

    I hope that one day juventus will be erased from football map. Each decade they are arrested for cheating. The most cheater club in the world. And now racist.
    Garbish club 🤮🤮🤮

  34. Ravi Sharma dijo:


  35. Маргарита Гайк dijo:

    В такой нервной обстановке, когда Лукаку слышал расистские выкрики, сумел сохранить самообладание и пробил пенальти. Молодец! И все равно команде надо подать протест на удаление Лукаку. Интер вперёд! Мы с тобой. ⚽

  36. Hasan Haiki dijo:

    Stay strong Romelu ,we are with you.Forza Inter💙🖤

  37. Hasan Haiki dijo:

    Cuadrado is ……..

  38. FighterEver dijo:

    We want to see the full scene of the red card, why is inter protecting the referee? Show us the full scene

  39. King K Customs dijo:

    Why is the commentator turning Italian then back to English

  40. CNA (ChopChop News Agency) dijo:

    Why lukaku get red card?

  41. Mang Sandi Boy dijo:

    Love Lukaku

  42. khelifi.khaled dijo:


  43. D wood dijo:

    Who's did the commentary for this… he's good

  44. J Goodman dijo:

    We're with you Romelu

  45. Goat dijo:

    Damn ! Italians are freakin racists

  46. Furkan Mutlu dijo:

    It's means Italian football federation support Racist supporter👏👏

  47. Antonio Trotta dijo:

    Forza Inter🖤💙🇮🇹⚽️💪

  48. Hussain Al-Masmoom dijo:

    No to racism

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