‘¡GRAN DESPERDICIO DE DINERO!’ 😬 Di María criticado por el drama de lesiones de la Juventus | FC ESPN

Gab Marcotti no se detiene con Ángel Di María, luego de que se informara que el delantero se descartó del viaje de la Juventus a Bolonia luego de enterarse de que estaría en el banquillo. ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

Camisetas Argentina Un jugador muere por un golpe en un partido de fútbol. EFE. Javier Tebas acompaña la cena de Nochebuena de Cruz Blanca Huesca.

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23 respuestas a ‘¡GRAN DESPERDICIO DE DINERO!’ 😬 Di María criticado por el drama de lesiones de la Juventus | FC ESPN

  1. Loki dijo:

    Gab is a hater!! Di Maria has been a crucial player in important moments and has proven his worth on the big stage!! Anyways Di Maria would have enjoyed scoring in LA FINALISSIMA against ITALY!! Because GAB would have been praying for ITALY to atleast win the Finalissima even after failing to qualify for the world cup!! That's why GAB is hating the guts out of Di Maria and his goal just made GAB cry!!😂😂 It's fine hate on Di Maria, because he just lifted a cup which your country failed to qualify for!!! Di Maria will forever live in your mind rent free!!!

  2. Emmanuel Uche dijo:

    Gab is deluded to think Di Maria was a bad signing. If he could slam Di Maria this way, what then does he have to say about Pogba.. I think Gab is a clown 🤡

  3. Kelly Mungomo dijo:

    Let's dislike this, they can't hate on my boy D.M!

  4. Neiko McCalla dijo:

    He has been great for them! One of their best players!

  5. Joel Martinez dijo:

    Pre sure di María has more g/a thsn most of the team😂

  6. Тоня Заліська dijo:

    Di María is one of the most underrated players within the last 15 years. Big game player.

  7. blitz dijo:

    why juventus is buying players that are at the end of their career like ronaldo and dimaria this is not cheap transfers and results are not that great

  8. Key Stone dijo:

    Gab don't ever disrespect DiMaria like that again.
    He was a beast at every club he played and always give 100% effort.
    If you are trying to put the blame for Juventus' failure on him, better find someone else. He isn't to blame for that disaster.
    The only blot on this man's résumé is ManU, he started excellently but then they moved him out of position, and things turned sour.
    At PSG he was the hardest working attacker.
    Juventus problems are wayyyy deeper than DM.

  9. Angelot Roseboom dijo:

    You need to ask yourself where is pogba in all of this??

  10. Enea Fezga dijo:

    Slamming Di Maria signing like this is total nosense. Considering all his physical problems during the last few years, at Juve he has had a lot of playing time and has done a great job. Juventus is in contract extension negotiations with him which just shows that they are happy. The pundits trying to make the Juventus situation look worse than it actually is just confirms their biased opinion

  11. MG_ 33 dijo:

    This lot are so mad Di Maria sat out with minor injuries before his final chance at World Cup glory and then turned in a masterclass in the final 🤣

    When he’s played for Juve this season he’s been quality and shown effort idk what the problem is especially when you compare with someone like Pogba…

  12. Anonymous A dijo:

    Di Maria has been good this season pogba is the waste of money

  13. Jonathan Ng dijo:

    Mate this is some waffle shithousery,. Di maria is literally carrying this Juve team and has produced most of the highlights this season besides Vlahovic

  14. Dalton De Souza dijo:


  15. Francisd dijo:

    Lol Di Maria is one of the few players that puts forth genuine effort and drive in an otherwise abysmal juve team. Who cares about his age if he’s still producing? Many of juve’s results have been because of Di Maria

  16. Lucas Dunn dijo:

    I’m sure Di Maria doesn’t care about what pundits say always against him. World Cup winner alongside many other achievements, titles. Will do down as one of the greatest Argentine players and big game players of all time

  17. Bob Sagit dijo:

    I love how they allow pogba .. to be such a waste of time and money but will spaz at di maria and shame him publicly but basically shield pogba who has done nothing to deserve the shielding ..

  18. CRiss dijo:

    Di Maria carried Messi

  19. CRiss dijo:

    Still no post about Pessi's disasterclass in farmers league from ESPN

  20. CRiss dijo:

    Pessi’s pathway to 7 Mickey Mouse Ballon D’ors :

    – 2009 Xavi ROBBED
    – 2010 Sneijder ROBBED
    – 2011 carried by ref
    -2012 Statpaded 90 goals against farmers and choked vs chelsea in ucl and madrid in laliga (0 trophies) -2015 Neymar ROBBED
    -2019 Vvd ROBBED
    -2021 Ghosted

    Not top 10 in my books ☑️

  21. Kyle Phaneuf dijo:

    Gab’s insight is just 🤮

  22. drew dijo:

    I don't know why European soccer doesn't disclose (exact) salaries. always estimated.(epl salary estimate.private . daily Mail reveals Manchester United has spent the most on wages this season, with £384m spent on salaries and they have paid £7.7m per point so far.Arsenal is fifth behind Liverpool (£ 366m), Manchester City (£354m), and Chelsea (£333m), with £212m paid so far in wages. They have remarkably spent just £2.9m per point so ) Benzema, Messi, Mbappe de Jong, etc. How much these players get paid. (After tax) Whether it is an annual salary or not is all confidential. Like American sports, I think all professional players' salaries should be disclosed accurately.

  23. MH Fotografien dijo:

    Na don’t put the blame on Di Maria

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