Don’t cry… it’s just a goal 🥹 #Ronaldo first and last goal with Juventus

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39 respuestas a Don’t cry… it’s just a goal 🥹 #Ronaldo first and last goal with Juventus

  1. John Pig dijo:

    Dont join juventus ronaldo join real madrid

  2. PoCamOn dijo:

    Really didn’t care

  3. MAT3 SLO shorts dijo:

    Messi is the best

  4. Ghost dijo:

    Thank u for supporting Ronaldo u guys are the only club that supports him. I hope u know that.

  5. RS creation dijo:

    The fact tht speeds meme is in this video of Juventus…
    Speed definetly should see this

  6. adab se dosti dijo:

    Not a Juventus fan but this is the only club that still loves cristiano like real,sporting,man u all forgot about him and then juve just does thsi

  7. Mohammad Alhocheimi dijo:

    Everyone talking about Juventus respecting Ronaldo
    Me wondering how the official Juventus account used a video of speed

  8. Scanaep dijo:

    Juventus and Ronaldo=respect ❤

  9. George. dijo:

    You bought him…

  10. BastIpadGamesAndOtherStuff dijo:

    This is why I respect Juventus..

  11. Rather mimo dijo:


  12. Rather mimo dijo:


  13. Anjum Kureshi dijo:

    What happens i don't get it

  14. Muhammad Yousaf dijo:

    Decisions That Killed Ronaldo
    1. leaving Real Madrid for juventus
    2. leaving Juventus For man United
    3. Leaving man United for al nassr

  15. YourMajestyLumpkins dijo:

    Juventus Ronaldo is underrated

  16. Taha Ikhlaq dijo:

    I love juv bcz they give the respect he deserves

  17. Le spaceing dijo:

    Ishowspeed 😂

  18. Deez dijo:

    Speed will be happy if he sees Juventus recognized him

  19. Amushi Zaibadshu dijo:

    Only football fans understand

  20. ZMS Football dijo:

    two goals two tap ins
    tapinaldo hence proved
    not hating just stating

  21. dustin dijo:

    Wth its just a goal

  22. Abderrahman Ben nasr dijo:


  23. Pranjal Gupta dijo:


  24. jahzbird dijo:

    Bro respect👌👌

  25. James Bond dijo:

    Best club u deserve all the glory

  26. Jehar SENDAD dijo:

    Messi better

  27. Deez dijo:

    Every time I hear this song it makes me more sad

  28. Claudia Mihai dijo:

    I love the goat

  29. Claudia Mihai dijo:


  30. Ken dijo:

    First and last

  31. Jonas dijo:

    The fact that a whole soccer team knows who speed is is just crazy

  32. Umar 7486 dijo:

    @ishowspeed look you are in Juventus shorts

  33. Rejan Qyrku dijo:

    Thank you cristiano 😢

  34. Doger Blox dijo:


  35. Bena Ntutha dijo:

    😭😭no! Ronaldo

  36. Dhodi dijo:

    Bro why is speed here 😂😂😂

  37. Sarhnk Edit dijo:


  38. rayane elkhoujy dijo:

    You guys are awesome Juventus you have respect for everyone but Ronald is just 😭

  39. Dont!Care dijo:

    Manchester United..l wish he would go back

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