‘A HORROR SHOW!’ Szczesny has shocker for Juventus, Napoli stumble & Inter stay top | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens joins Gab Marcotti on The Gab & Juls Show to discuss the biggest talking points from Serie A.

0:00 Juventus lose 4-2 vs. Sassuolo
0:49 Inter Milan edge out Empoli
1:06 AC Milan defeat Hellas Verona
2:01 Napoli draw 0-0 with Bologna
2:59 Lukaku scores again for Roma

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10 respuestas a ‘A HORROR SHOW!’ Szczesny has shocker for Juventus, Napoli stumble & Inter stay top | ESPN FC

  1. Ezra Ezra dijo:

    Looks like Szczesny is a new Onana 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Shorya Sethi dijo:

    Was that a sly dig on Lukaku's appearance at the end. 😏

  3. Cassano dijo:

    that old Nice logo was unbelievable

  4. Luca Ravasio dijo:

    mistakes happen, but at Juventus there is an incompetent person on the bench, who in two years has not managed to give this team a minimum amount of play

  5. Maudal Musical Machines dijo:

    Mckennie had another great game. Too bad it was wasted. Be nice if these guys mentioned it 😏

    In fact most of the Juve players did well. Their midfield was not remotely "played off the field". Szczezny's normally a very steady keeper. Something must be going on in his life to produce such a stinker.

  6. flickchic238 dijo:

    Szczesny made some mistakes, but he is still a world-class goalkeeper. He does not usually make these mistakes. Though Juve managed to equalize twice, Sassuolo were the better team in this game. Chiesa did his best to create the chances. Fagioli did well, too. But their performance as a team did not warrant a win.

  7. SuperMyckie dijo:

    Im a huge fan of Osimhen but i agree with Gab.. that was very poornfrom Osimhen.. u cant do that in public to a new coach that is already under pressure.. that was really bad

  8. Ndung Ako Forbinake dijo:

    Anyone who hasnt seen the Sassuolo-Juve highlights should have a look, the mistakes were unbelievable

  9. Stefan dijo:

    De Laurentis is the biggest problem for Napoli. It's not possible to have players like Khvicha and Osimhen on such a low salary. Khvicha earns like just over 1 million euros, that's less than some reserve goalkeepers in the prem! And Osimhen has like half of what Vlahovic earns in Juve.

  10. Jovinho dijo:

    what a performance by sasuolo!

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