Referee CAUGHT SPYING on Barcelona players 😳 #football

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50 respuestas a Referee CAUGHT SPYING on Barcelona players 😳 #football

  1. @xteengaming3553 dijo:

    and they say we pay refrees

  2. @sanghitathakuria9255 dijo:

    And now barcadogs will complain that rma paid refs ..😂

  3. @asterrashter4637 dijo:

    Finally everyone hates jose 🤣🤣🤣 rm has been saying this for such a long time

  4. @jaydenowen-tennant-om3kq dijo:

    The Spanish Simon Hooper

  5. @hessen5498 dijo:

    Bale and Özil in disguise send by Perez

  6. @sai5638 dijo:

    But the barca paid the refs

  7. @Seth566R dijo:

    Hey I’m a liverpool fan Barca I feel you

  8. @frank_core3193 dijo:

    I think Barca didn't pay this ref 😂

  9. @xXTTGxMoDzXx dijo:

    About time Jose Sanchez is exposed, he does the same to all the big 5 clubs in laliga

  10. @towerdefenseenjoyer3516 dijo:

    To top it off, la liga FINED Barca after kicking the ref out of the dressing room😂

  11. @EgeToyeye dijo:

    We against the world

    I’d love to see us win titles this season just to piss them off

  12. @prismatic7 dijo:

    Always the la liga ref 💀

  13. @MihailParshin dijo:

    To me, this is justice. That team, and the other one from Madrid are like the biggest mafia in football history. So many favourablr decitions, so many undeserved trophies and awards. They both deserve to have such ocasions regularly. To see what was to play against them 10 years ago. And now we see their true faces. They cry all the world how this or that is injustice, but were queit when they were wining trophies the same way. I would say this is karma.

  14. @phil1ipshabo dijo:

    la liga and EPL are competing for the worst referee of the season

  15. @theastonvillaseal585 dijo:

    Barca of all teams complaining… it’s like City 😂

  16. @kevinplayz9705 dijo:

    The referee right now is ruining football

  17. @Pedriisthegoat dijo:

    Vamos Pedri❤🎉

  18. @WillisandQuinn dijo:

    I gotta say, if Barca are paying the refs, they are getting scammed

  19. @Jay-zd9kx dijo:

    When the bribe money is not enough

  20. @gamingtime5869 dijo:

    And let me guess some Barca fans think Real Madrid paid him to do that

  21. @ybbetter6943 dijo:

    Laliga is so unbelievably corrupt

  22. @oportbis dijo:

    Must be quite a shock not to have the ref in your pocket

  23. @trabbit2332 dijo:

    That is papa Perez power man.

  24. @Jfr_24k dijo:

    That is not even the full story
    Barcelona are now fined because a guy told the spying referee to get lost its just Maind blowing

  25. @Ur.comCEO dijo:

    And they say that Barca pays the ref

  26. @kingedit9373 dijo:

    It's the whole league against us 😢😢😢
    Viscal Barca ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Visca catalunya❤❤❤❤❤

  27. @whitneynyema dijo:

    its always la liga refs

  28. @footballZA dijo:

    Lets not even start talking about premier league refs

  29. @suneetadevi2520 dijo:

    Barca u forgot to pay him mahn🤣🤣🤣

  30. @jephinjoseph5806 dijo:

    That's wt happen when u delay the payment

  31. @OKJOEY2 dijo:

    Barcelona paid the referees to this to get media attention

  32. @milkyglass4184 dijo:

    as an atleti fan, idk how we managed to lose with a ref on our side

  33. @cornflaq9583 dijo:

    Not only that, Barca were fined for it

  34. @copswatpatrolchannel6173 dijo:

    Respect to that ref who told the truth

  35. @julesdebruin5224 dijo:

    The fact that atletico got like 3 yellows in 5 min for only dives from felix is also just incredible

  36. @vijaykec2000 dijo:

    “This la liya referee was told to spy on Barcelona dressing room” bud calm down 💀 💀 💀

  37. @aramisnicola4181 dijo:

    Barcelonas financial crisis makes it so that they cant compete with what other clubs can bribe the ref

  38. @user-kd3ou7dg8c dijo:

    Many ref against spurs too. It’s all coming to an end. The end of Cr7 and Lm10. Once they retire for good , it’s done. Football is over.

  39. @christophecorona5599 dijo:

    Bro was insecure asl 😂

  40. @Fernandeskonsam dijo:

    Most of the people are against Barca I just wanna know why they did that kinda stuffs.
    Its not fair at all . Imma Barca fan but im not speaking on behalf of that . Its a disgrace to FOOTBALL.

  41. @veperoode6947 dijo:

    He straight up tackles him, like its not a case of "oh maybe he just chose to step to the wrong side" like he fully looks at him and just goes for it lmao

  42. @user-vz3yj6ly6x dijo:

    Imagine Barcelona say something about refering

  43. @v4n778 dijo:

    The entire world is againts Barcelona 🔵🔴

  44. @iremakinde3853 dijo:

    Guys barca cant afford to pay refs anymore

  45. @youtube_murad dijo:

    and they say barça buy refs

  46. @MrTocco1231 dijo:

    Your page is cringe

  47. @Pixel_plays001 dijo:

    Barca money is not enough to pay refs agan 😔

  48. @Pixel_plays001 dijo:

    Barca money is not enough to pay refs agan 😔

  49. @Rutherford852 dijo:

    The fact that he tackled Gundogan and didn't stop the match leading to Atletico counter attack still fking makes me mad
    Ofc it resulted to nothing but the ref are a joke man

  50. @devashishparashari4921 dijo:

    In la liga, refrees don't even hide their biasedness now, pathetic now

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